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Unconditionally Accepting

Being Unconditionally Accepting allows life to flow with approval.

I approve of life with gratitude & appreciation of my allowance.

Whatever conditions I put on life, I will tolerate as my experience.

When life is conditional on it flowing to me effortlessly, I will tolerate whatever arises.

When I place no conditions on my giving & receiving of life, I approve of it flowing effortlessly to me as my allowance.

I am in gratitude & appreciation of whatever occurs as beneficial for my Self.

When I see whatever occurs as beneficial for my Self, it is; you see.

Conditions cause tolerations that require tolerance to tolerate them.

Unconditional approval allows my acceptance of whatever turns up in my life.

It means that I never turn down an opportunity because I see it as a challenge or a problem.

When I am unconditionally accepting of life, I am unconditionally accepting of all opportunities in life.

Approving & Allowing

Being Approving is being unconditionally giving.

When I unconditionally give my approval, I am being Approving.

 I withold my giving from that which I disapprove.

Disapproval disallows my giving.

Disallowing my giving disallows my receiving.

Being Allowing is being unconditionally receiving.

When I unconditionally allow my allowance, I am being Allowing.

When I am being disallowing, I disallow my allowance.

I am required to be allowing, to allow my allowance & get my allowance.

I have to get being allowing to allow & get my allowance.

When my unconditional giving & receiving are in balance, I am being unconditionally Accepting.

Emotional Sensitivity

Physical Sensitivity uses the five physical senses.

Emotional Sensitivity uses my three intuitive senses.

I cannot see emotion with my eyes, hear it with my ears, smell it, taste it or touch it.

I experience emotion intuitively.

My emotionally sensitive intuition connects my awareness of my state of being.

It is my awareness of my own emotional state of being empowered that allows my sensitivity in relationship to others.

Knowing another’s emotional state of being allows my empathy to flow.

Feeling another’s emotional state of being allows my compassion to flow.

This is how I realise my compassionate-empathy, you see.

Compassionate-empathy allows emotional experiences to be shared with sensitive-detachment, whilst enjoying a mutually exclusive connection to each other’s enlightened inspiration.

A Sensitive Emotional Connection

A Sensitive Emotional Connection is the choice of the female ego, in a dual reality world.

Sensitivity feels the emotional state of being of other people.

Emotionality feels the reality of my emotional state of being.

Connectedness feels the potential of my divine power.

This can be seen by others as caring, nurturing & unselfish.

It can be sub-consciously experienced as an irrational inclusive attachment.

Irrationally attaching to others in an inclusive way will not ground my sensitive emotional connection to my source.

Irrational sensitivity will eventually render me insensitive.

Attached emotionality will lead to my becoming unemotional.

Inclusive connectedness will result in my becoming disconnected.

When my sensitivity is detached, my emotion is rational & my connection is exclusive, I am able to fully ground & complete my potential in a dual reality world.

An Exclusive Rational Detachment

An Exclusive Rational Detachment is the choice of the male ego, in a dual reality world.

Exclusive means: I choose to do it my way.

Rational means: I have rated my options & I discern the best way for myself.

Detached means: I do not conform to the needs or passions of other people.

This can be viewed by the sub-conscious as focused, strong willed & selfish.

In a dual reality world, there is always a choice of opposing perspective.

Other people may see my exclusive rational detachment as disconnected, unemotional insensitivity.

I may be consciously unaware of the emotional needs that I am being sub-consciously driven to meet in an inclusively, irrational & disconnected way.

The more that I deny my female energy, the more extreme my need becomes to find my sensitive, emotional connection to my True Self.

Being Competent

Being Competent is having enough emotional power.

It is having enough emotional energy to compete or take part in life.

My level of emotional energy determines my competence.

My level of connectedness determines my level of emotional energy.

My need for emotional energy is my disconnectedness that causes my incompetence.

I am competent when I am connected to my true source of authority.

When I own my own authority, I make my own choices and I choose with competence.

The power to be competent accompanies my authority to choose.

When my choice is authorised, I am inspired & empowered.

I choose with competence when I am confident to do so.

Being competent, I always feel good & I know the right choice for my Self.

Compassion & Empathy

Compassion is the attainment of being sensitive to the situation of another.

Empathy is the attainment of observing another’s path with detachment.

Compassion is my female perception.

Empathy is my male perspective.

Compassion has a polar opposite of sympathy.

Empathy has a polar opposite of apathy.

Sympathy is sharing another’s negative state of being.

Apathy is refusing to acknowledge another’s negative dramas.

Compassion & empathy are gender opposites of the same energy of Sensitive Detachment.

It is the energy of relationship and how I relate to other people and share their experiences.

I share a positive experience of emotional power with compassion.

I share a thought of positive mental authority with empathy.

I share a negative emotional experience with sympathy and a negative thought with apathy.