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Scarcity, Luxury, Enough, Content

When life happens to me, I live in scarcity.

No matter how much I have, there is never enough of what I want or need.

Even the very rich have a scarcity mentality and fear losing what they already have.

When life happens by me, I experience both scarcity & luxury, poverty & extravagance, too much & too little, or more than enough of somethings & less than enough of others.

Even when I have enough for now, I pursue enough for later on.

I can be rich in assets and still poor in emotional wealth.

When life happens through me, I have enough.

Providence provides everything that I need for now.

I have just enough and enough is just right.

When life happens as me, I am content.

I have everything that I want & need in every present moment of time.

I know that the universe is abundant and infinitely attractive.

I am the creator of the content in my life and my contentment with my life.

Frustrated, Successful, Destined, Fulfilled

When life happens to me, I get frustrated with the problems that occur.

I get frustrated by my inability to succeed.

I get frustrated waiting for everything that I want & need to materialise.

I am frustrated by my fear of failure.

When life happens by me, I succeed or fail.

I either succeed in doing what I want to do or not.

I succeed my parents by following their path in life.

I tolerate life as a challenge that is to be met.

When life happens through me, I am living my destiny.

Life is destined to flow through me.

With a sense of destiny, I allow my vision & my dreams to manifest.

I am destined to live an effortless life of being fear-free, pain-free & problem-free.

When life happens as me, I am fulfilled.

I am filled full of my own realised potential.

I am living my ideal life.

Miracles are an everyday occurrence.

I am fulfilling my destiny on Earth.


Being Within My Self

Being Within my Self is safe, secure & comfortable.

Within my comfort zone, I feel safe, secure & self assured.

Being without, I feel unsafe, insecure, unsure & uncomfortable.

The boundaries of my comfort zone define the limits of my personal growth.

Personal development is the expansion of my comfort zone.

Unless I develop my Self, my comfort zone becomes my guilded cage or my personal prison cell.

I expand my comfort zone by exploring, discovering & experiencing what is beyond my personal horizon.

I cannot expand my horizon from within my comfort zone.

I expand my comfort zone when I step out and feel safe & secure with the surity of my new boundaries.

Being within my capability defines my capacity & my competence.

I am required to grow my competence & my capacity to expand by capability.

Without the capability for my Self to grow, I experience only incapacity & incompetence.

My ability to expand my comfort zone enables me to ensure that I feel safe, secure & comfortable with whatever turns up in my life.

I have the capacity to live within the unconscious competence of my true Self.

When I am being within my Self, everything is within me & everything is within my ability.

Compassion & Self Compassion

Compassion means mutual sharing.

It is mutually sharing a true value.

Mutually sharing a need or suffering is not compassion, it is sympathy.

Being compassionate is sharing a passion that has true value with another.

Self Compassion is sharing my passion with my Self.

My Soul shares my passion with my Self.

I am inner guided to experience my true passion for my life.

Self compassion requires an exclusive connection to my inner coach and my alignment to my true path in life.

As a Coach, my compassion with another requires my sensitive detachment to their exclusive path in life.

I cannot guide & support another to follow their path with compassion unless I have the self compassion to follow my own path.

Coaching allows me to align with my passion, which allows me to guide & support another to realise their passion.

Expansive development & growth is the passion that I share with all my coaching clients.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth is my growth as a person.

It is the growth of my ego Self.

My ego self is my personal sense of Self.

It is who I believe myself to be.

When I believe that I am my personality & character then personal growth is the development of my personality & character.

I personally grow and expand my character by creating better beliefs about myself.

I personally grow and expand my personality by getting my emotional needs met and becoming more vital & energised.

Once I know my true identity, my personal growth is focused upon my personal attributes & attainments.

As I attain a better quality of emotional energy to attribute to my Self, I personally grow my state of beingness.

As the quality of my personal power & authority grows, so does the quality of my life.

Quality of life is the purpose of personal growth.

Spiritual Self Growth

Spiritual Self Growth is the spiritual growth of my Self.

My Self grows spiritually by coming into alignment with the consciousness that is my Soul.

As my Self grows spiritually, my Soul’s growth becomes experiential.

My Soul is only able to grow through the experience of my Self.

Before my Soul can take an opportunity for growth, it is required to first plant a seed with the potential for growth.

I am that seed when I am being my Self.

My Soul seeds my growth and my Self takes the opportunity to be fed, watered & nurtured in order to fulfil my potential for growth.

With spiritual Self growth, it is not only my Self that grows but my Spirit.

My spiritual Soul grows in awareness of who I am.

My Self grows in awareness of why I am here.

I am here to facilitate the growth of my spiritual super-conscious Self that is my Soul.

Personal Spiritual Growth

I cannot teach, train or instruct another in their personal spiritual growth.

Spiritual Growth is an attainment of my Soul.

I cannot teach, train or instruct my Soul, or my client’s Soul.

A Soul needs no instruction, training or teaching.

My Soul requires the experience of its Self to enable my spiritual growth.

A Soul may enlist the guidance & support of a Life Coach to assist its self to experience expansive growth.

A Soul cannot grow without the conscious participation of its Self.

Although it can grow without an awareness by its self of its opportunities for spiritual growth.

My Self is essential to my personal spiritual growth, yet my awareness is not.

Many people are totally unaware of their own spiritual purpose and their personal spiritual growth.

My Soul is always aware of its Self and my opportunities for personal spiritual growth; even when my Self is not.