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Disconnected is a negative default attribute.

I am never disconnected from life, while alive.

I am only ever disconnected from my source of mental authority, which connects my emotional power.

The Source of my power & authority lies at the Heart of my Beingness.

Being disconnected is being heartless.

The less heart that I have, the more disconnected I am from my emotional power.

When I am disconnected from my true source of power, I attach myself to other people’s emotional energy.

When I am being aloof, I pretend to unattach myself from others to gain their energy.

When entrained with negative disconnected people, I am unemotional & insensitive to those who do not serve me or those I do not like.

It is my insensitivity & aloofness that attaches me emotionally to people whom I dislike.

It is my disconnection from source energy that allows the experience of being unemotional, aloof & insensitive with other people.

In actuality, I am always connected at a Soul level to all other people.

My Soul is never disconnected.


Disallowing is a negative default attribute.

I am being disallowing when I am blocking my allowance.

My allowance is an attainment that I receive when I allow it.

Disallowment is my negative default attainment of blocking my providential path.

I would never consciously disallow my life path & my destiny.

I sub-consciously block my own path when I am unaware of my destiny.

In actuality, my path is never blocked.

It is always my perspective that is out of alignment.

It is my intuition that I am blocking.

I align with my inner guidance intuitively.

My intuition allows me to see, feel & know my path clearly.

Disallowing my intuition allows me to get lost, confused & very frustrated.


Depression is an emotional pit of despair.

I despair of my need for emotional energy.

With depression, my emotional power is depressed.

The greater my depression, the greater the emotional pit into which I have fallen.

Depression is the effect of the programme of limiting mental beliefs & fears that cause my downfall.

Limiting mental beliefs & fears cause emotional needs.

Conflicting emotional needs make it impossible to meet my emotional need for power.

When the sub-conscious mind is in conflict & unable to meet its need for emotional power, it depresses the will to act.

Confronting my conflicting beliefs & becoming aware of my emotional needs that need to be met is the only way out of my depression.

The only way to remove the emotional hole in my life is to fulfil it with emotional energy.

When I fill my life full of what I emotionally need, I overcome my depression.

Depression is the result of my sub-conscious conviction that I cannot have what I need emotionally.


Stress is a conflict of authority.

When the conscious ego is in conflict with integrity, it causes stress.

It is not stress that takes me out of integrity, it is being out of integrity that causes stress.

The Mind is in integrity when it is whole & undivided.

When my mind is divided by a conflict of authority, I am in stress.

My conscious mind is stressed when the beliefs held by my sub-conscious are out of alignment with my super-conscious true Self.

Trauma is my intense experience of being out of integrity.

It is extremely traumatic being intensely separated from my Soul’s integrity.

Being out of integrity is a toleration.

Being in an intense drama is intolerably traumatic.

When there are no tolerations, there are no dramas & there are no traumas.

I am only ever stressed by what I am tolerating.

I am only ever tolerating someone else’s beliefs or someone else’s authority.

Accepting the truth of my own authority is never a toleration & never stressful.

The Power of Negative Energy

Energy has great power, irrespective of its polarity.

Negative energy is emotional power that has a negative polarity.

Positive polarity has the power of creativity.

Negative polarity has the power to be destructive.

A positive polarity is empowered by the Soul’s authority.

A negative polarity is driven by the needs of the ego’s will.

When the ego’s will is not aligned with the Soul’s authority, it has a negative polarity.

The negative polarity of the will expresses its power in three different ways.

When the will is driven by an emotional need, it will get angry when it is not met.

When the will is driven by a false belief, it will not tolerate the arrogance.

When the will is driven by a drama that is caused by a lack of power or authority, it will get frustrated.

Powerful negative beliefs cause powerful emotional needs that cause powerful physical dramas to play out in life.


Frustration is the inability to do what I choose to do.

When my intention is thwarted, I get frustrated.

Frustration is insufficient will power, which is intolerable.

Trying to do what I cannot do is a frustration.

Frustration is caused by a lack of authority that depletes emotional power.

It is my inability to empower my will effectively.

When my will is not empowered, I get very frustrated.

Frustrated ability has neither authority nor power.

It is my fears & my limiting beliefs that undermine my authority.

I am frustrated by my lack of emotional competence caused by my limited mental capacity.

Intuitively feeling the power of my own intuitive knowing is the antedote to overcoming frustration.


Intolerance is the inability to accept someone else’s direction.

Following a path that someone else has directed can become an intolerance.

Being told to follow a direction that is not of your choosing is an intolerance.

An intolerance is the inability to tolerate someone else’s belief that their belief is right for you.

Intolerance is angry will power.

It is a statement that if you continue to drive me this way, I will get angry.

Arrogance causes intolerance.

When I am intolerant of a situarion, I get arrogant.

When other people are arrogant, I find it intolerable.

Intolerance is the lack of emotional space between two people.

It is the inability to tolerate what is occurring in my life or who I believe to be causing it.