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Being Memory-Less

Being Memory-Less allows my Self to be Mindful.

My memory allows me to do what I believe that I ought to, I should, I must & I have to do.

These are all tolerations of the ego Self.

Memory helps me to plan the future based on what happened in the past.

It allows me to project my future with an ‘if’ and object to my future with a ‘but’.

The more I remember my past, the more mindless I become in the present.

Being mindful is being present in the now.

I do not need memory to be mindful, unless that is, I forget to be present.

Memory is a function of my sub-conscious programming.

Intuition is a sense of my super-conscious mind.

An all knowing & all seeing mind has no need of a memory.

My mindful presence allows my intuition to flow.

With more intuition, memory becomes less important.

I intuitively remember my future when I conscious overcome my memories of the past.

Being memory-less allows me to be intuitive more.

Being Memory Free

Being Memory Free is not an accepted state of being.

It is called having memory loss.

I am never memory less, I am either remembering or forgetting.

I apparently either store my memory or I lose it.

I either remember or I forget.

I can be forgetful but not rememberful.

I either remember less or I forget less.

I am never free of memory when it resides in my brain, but a problem with my brain can cause amnesia.

I become a prisoner of my memories or a victim of my amnesia.

Either way, I am not memory free.

When I remember my past, I forget my future.

When I remember the future, I forget the past.

Either way, I am mindless to the present.

Being mindful of the present allows me to be memory free.

Mindfulness overcomes the memories of the past that block my rememberance of the future.

It allows me to become memory less, memory full & memory free.


Dreamtime is the non-reality of non-linear time.

It is when the unconscious mind experiences non-linear space travel.

Travelling in non-linear space-time is the experience of dreamtime.

Dreamtime is not consciously processed through the brain.

It is the sub-conscious, non-physical, experience of mental beliefs & emotional needs.

The more disconnected I become from my super-conscious reality, the more my dreamtime becomes a nightmare.

My beliefs create my reality in dreamtime as well as linear time.

Bugs in my belief system cause bugs in my dreams.

The chaos in my dreamtime is relative to the chaos in my real life.

As my sub-conscious mind becomes a mirror of my super-conscious thoughts, my dreamtime really does become a time & a reality of my dreams.


Mindless means unauthorised.

The capacity of the mind is authority.

Authority is an empowered choice.

When my choice is empowered, it is authorised.

The authority of my super-conscious mind is always empowered.

The authority of my sub-conscious mind is often compromised by my beliefs.

Mindless behaviour results from sub-conscious fears & limiting beliefs.

It causes unconscious incompetence.

I would never consciously act mindlessly.

Incompetent behaviour is a mindless action that is not empowered with authority.

I am motivated to act mindlessly when I am low on emotional power.

Without authority, the mind has less power and is less competent.

The less power I have, the more mindless my behaviour.

The more pure my beliefs, the more authority they have & the more mindful I become.

Memory Loss

Memory is never lost.

All of my personal experiences are recorded in the annals of time, for eternity.

Nothing is ever lost, it is just mislaid or mistaken.

What I mislay is my ability to recall my memory at will.

I mistake my reality when I rely on my will.

My will has no power of recall.

What I have is a disconnection from my super-conscious mind.

Memory is an unconscious competence.

My super-conscious mind recalls everything.

When my conscious mind loses its connection to its super-conscious ability, it relies on the sub-conscious mind for its direction.

When the sub-conscious mind believes that it can lose its memory, it does.

Whatever the sub-conscious mind believes, it experiences.

Memory loss is a belief.

My beliefs create my experience of reality.


Dementia is the state of being demented.

I am de-mented when I am mentally disconnected.

I am demented when I am not in my right mind.

The belief that there is a right mind creates the existence of a wrong mind.

I cannot have a wrong mind but I can have a mind that holds wrong beliefs.

It is my belief about my mind that determines how my mind works.

When my mind believes that it is a physical brain, it will explore it to see how it works.

When I believe that I lose my mind as I get older, I create that very experience.

In actuality, I cannot lose my mind but I can lose the ability to use my mind well.

When I believe that my mind is in my brain, it will naturally deteriorate as I get older.

As my body deteriorates, my brain will deteriorate & my mind will deteriorate unless I have a clear distinction between the two.

My right mind is super-conscious & eternal.

It never gets old & it never forgets.

In my right mind, I am connected.

Being mentally disconnected leads to dementia.

A Mental Blockage

A Mental Blockage inhibits capacity.

It inhibits the capacity to connect to pure thought.

A mental blockage is the symptom of a disconnected sub-conscious mind.

Isolated thinking is only as pure as the sub -conscious beliefs & the programmes on which it runs.

A mental blockage causes an emotional blockage.

Fears & limiting beliefs restrict the flow of emotional power carried by pure thoughts.

An inhibited or blocked mental capacity restricts emotional competence.

A mental blockage is the incapacity caused by impure thinking.

Impure thinking has a negative polarity.

When mental energy flows in a negtive direction, it causes a mental blockage.

Only pure thoughts have the freedom to flow effortlessly into my life, once I allow them to.