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Three Aspects Of Love

Three Aspects of Love are:

Awareness, Emotion & Feeling.

Emotion is the Energy of Love.

Feeling is the Motion of Love.

Awareness is the Matter of Love.

The Energy of Love is a vibration of awareness that has a wavelength of emotion with a frequency of feeling.

Feeling an awareness of emotion is the prerequisite for Emotional Intelligence.

Intuitive feeling is how I connect to my awareness of emotional love.

An intuitive feeling is an emotional awareness of the Soul’s love for its Self.

An emotional feeling is the ego’s awareness of its Self.

Intuitive awareness is the Self in alignment with the Soul.

Pure energy in motion is a matter of emotionally feeling an awareness of the Soul.

Impure energy in motion is the personal perception of a disconnected ego.

An awareness of emotional feeling connects my Self with the power of pure Love, that is my Soul.

Pure Love

Pure Love is an undivided wavelength of emotion.

Love is pure emotion, pure energy in motion.

It is pure spiritual power.

Impure love is divided by gender & polarity, which causes intensity.

When Love is divided by male & female gender, I can choose to love it or hate it.

I can like it or dislike it, embrace it or loathe it.

When Love is divided by positive & negative polarity, I can choose to love it or fear it.

I can flow with it in love or against it in fear.

When Love is divided by gender or polarity it gains an intensity.

The intensity of impure love is either a passion or a desire that I lust for or I need.

Choosing love or lust raises the intensity of my passion & desire.

Choosing lust, hate or fear increases the intensity of my life dramas.

The purity of my Love is a wavelength of emotion that is relative to the frequency of my thought & the purity of its Light.

The impurity of my hatred, lust & fear is relative to the impurity of my perspective of Life.

The Purpose Of Love

The Purpose of Love is to define emotional power.

The emotion of Love is the creative power of life.

The absence of love is the emotional need for power.

Desire without power is called lust.

A disempowering relationship  is called hate.

Competition without power leads to war.

When I use love as a noun, it is really a need.

When I use love as a verb, it is in opposition to who I really am.

When I use love as an adjective it describes how powerfully creative I am.

Adjective love describes who I am being, which either empowers or disempowers my Self.

Without love, there is no emotion.

Without emotion, I am disconnected from my creative power.

Without awareness, I am unaware of my creative power.

An awareness of emotional love connects me to my creative power.

Emotional intelligence allows an awareness of my creative power and the purpose of Love.

The purpose of Love is to share it in all its aspects, as an experience.


Libido is sexual drive or the drive to enjoy sexual intercourse.

The question is: What drives the sex drive?

When libido happens to me, I am at the mercy of my sex drive or my lack of libido.

My sub-conscious programming affects my experience.

My sex drive drives me to either ecstasy, boredom or frustration.

Libido never happens by me.

It is never under the conscious control of my ego Self.

The best I can manage is to suppress my sexual urges.

When libido happens through me, I allow my sex drive to flow unhindered & freely enjoy the journey & the experience.

My libido is my connection to my super-conscious potency that has the potential to connect me to my magnitude of omnipotent emotional power.

When I learn to use my unconscious competency wisely, I am able to freely express my libido as a true expression of who I really am.

I do freely is: lib-i-do. 

It is a true expression of free love and a free expression of true love that I share expansively & freely with my lover.

A Loving Feeling

A Loving Feeling is a positive experience of emotion.

A positive emotion is a personal attribute.

A positive personal attribute has value.

I value a loving feeling.

An unloving feeling is a negative emotion.

A negative emotion is an experience of hate, lust, need, or sex.

It is caused by a negative limiting belief called a fear.

Fear is a false belief that causes an impure emotion and an unloving feeling.

I experience my emotional state of being as a feeling.

A loving feeling or an unloving feeling.

Impure thinking caused by false beliefs causes impure emotions that are unloving feelings.

When I only allow pure thoughts, I experience only pure emotions with a loving feeling.

I love the feeling of being who I really am when I am in a divine state of being.

Lust & Sex

Lust & Sex are often confused.

Sex is the male gender of my energy that seeks stimulation, arousal, connection & climactic conclusion.

Lust is the positive polarity of my energy that desires excitement, achievement & satisfaction.

Excitedly achieving satisfaction in a sexual relationship is indeed lust but is not good sex.

Lust can disallow the enjoyment of sex when there is no stimulation, arousal or connection with the partner.

Lust is not a male characteristic.

It is not unusual for a woman to lust after a cherishing, warm & relaxing cuddle or embrace.

Lust is a positive desire of wanting with a passion, which is a male energy that is experienced by both men & women.

It is experienced by men & women in different ways because usually they want & need different things.

Male desire & female passion both lust after the excitement & satisfaction of getting whatever they want and passionately desire.

Sex is a physically emotional experience that requires positive male & female energy to be exchanged by both partners, irrespective of their sex.

It is the gender of both partners energy vibration that is important, not the nature of their sex or the sexuality of their nature.

Pure Sex

Pure Sex is an oxymoron.

There is no such thing as pure sex.

Sex is the male energy of a loving partnership.

Whenever Love is divided by gender it is no longer pure.

Love is pure Agape when both the male & female energy is present.

Sex is not about achieving a physical act although there may be an emotional need to achieve satisfaction.

When a person needs sex, they need the benefit of the emotional energy that is received from having sex, not the physical act.

Whether two sexual partners are in connection & unity depends on whether they are expressing their male energy, expressing their female energy or they are combining the two harmoniously.

Sex is satisfactory when it meets the emotional needs of both partners and it is unsatisfactory when it does not.

A relationship that is sharing only one gender of energy, be it male or female, may make a good friendship but it is not sexual and it is not harmoniously in balance.