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A Debt Of Gratitude

A Debt of Gratitude is created by the belief in an eye for an eye.

It is the belief that one good turn deserves another.

When someone does something for which I am grateful, I am obliged to return the favour.

I place myself in emotional debt to another.

An emotional debt can only be experienced by someone who is emotionally disconnected & insensitive.

Gratitude is a positive emotional energy.

A debt is a negative mental construct.

When I believe that I owe someone something, I am in their debt.

Gratitude is only a positive experience & an asset when it is expressed.

It is the inability to express emotion that puts oneself into emotional debt.

An Expression of Gratitude is a powerful emotion.

A Debt of Gratitude is a mental belief of one who is emotionally suppressed.

Out Of Absence

‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ & ‘Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder’ are opposing perspectives of personal reality.

Out of sight, out of mind has no personal attachment.

When something is absent, my sub-conscious mind doesn’t give it another thought.

When there is no attachment, there is no need to.

When absence makes the heart grow fonder, it is because of my attachment to whatever I am missing.

When whatever I am emotionally attached to is present, I do not need it as I already have it.

When it is absent, I start to miss it because I do not have it & I need it.

I only need emotionally what I am attached to, when it is absent from my apparent reality.

It is not my heart that is fond of what I need emotionally but my id or sub-conscious mind.

My heart is ever present, it is my awareness of my absence that disconnects me from my fondness.

Being Pig-Headed

Being Pig-Headed is being single-minded.

A single-minded person is ego driven.

My ego is driven by my sub-conscious programming.

My beliefs have become convictions and my mind is made up.

A pig has a single-minded task of finding enough food to survive.

A single-minded person is programmed to survive.

When I am pig-headed, I am disconnected from my higher mind.

My single mind is my sub-conscious mind that operates on automatic-pilot.

I am not conscious of being allowed to make my own choices.

When my mind is made up, I am unable to consciously make up my own mind.

I am unaware of my higher guidance system.

I am not listening to other people and I am not hearing my messages.

I am of one mind but I am not of One Mind.


Inhibitions are limiting beliefs.

I am inhibited by my beliefs that limit my freedom.

I am free to choose my own beliefs.

I do not choose to be limited.

I can choose to change any belief that limits my choice and inhibits my action.

Inhibitions inhabit my sub-conscious mind.

They reside as sub-conscious memories that stop me repeating what I believe to be a detrimental action.

Actions are never detrimental when I can see the benefit of their effect.

Inhibitions inhibit personal growth.

Exhibitions are an expression of my negative beliefs.

I make an exhibition of my fears and false beliefs.

Inhibitions & exhibitions are a duality of negative beliefs.

I am never inhibited by my pure inspired & empowered thoughts.

I express the purity of my emotions, I do not exhibit them.

Fear Is not Good for Me

Many people have been led to believe that fear is good for you.

They have been taught that fear is good because it keeps you safe.

They believe that fear keeps you safe from fear, which of course is a nonsense.

Fear acts as a boundary to the full experience of life.

It is a personal prison cell of one’s own creation.

Locking one’s Self within the security of a prison cell doesn’t make fear go away but just allows a false belief of being safe from anything outside of your sanitised environment.

There is no such thing as a good fear.

Whatever I perceive as good holds no fear for me.

Whatever I fear, I attract into my reality, which is not good for me.

Fear is a creation of my own belief system.

The only power that my fear has is the power of my conviction in my belief.

I have the authority to empower my beliefs and I have the power to authorise my fears by believing them to be good.


Striving means working hard to achieve an objective.

I am forced to work hard to overcome a duality.

Any extreme of a duality creates a resistance to the natural flow of life.

I strive to move against the flow.

Striving against the flow is hard work.

When I flow effortlessly with life, no striving is needed.

I strive for perfection, when I see only the imperfections of life.

I strive to make a living, when I believe that nothing comes without hard work.

I strive for success, when I see only failure in life.

I strive to move forward, when I am facing in the wrong direction.

On my appointed path in life, there is balance & flow.

I do not strive for balance & flow, I attain them.

When I strive to attain balance & flow, I achieve only resistance.

When I attribute balance & flow to my Self, there is no need for striving.

Can’t See The Wood For The Trees

When I can’t see the wood for the trees, I am lost in duality.

I am confused with a wood full of trees & trees full of wood.

I see trees made of wood & woods made of trees.

I need a third way out of the forest.

When I see a forest full of trees full of wood, I clarify my perspective and overcome the duality.

My lower forest floor perspective sees wood & trees in a forest.

My higher aerial perspective sees a forest full of trees made of wood and a path in & out of the woods.

Unless I am able to maintain my higher perspective, I can easily become lost in the forest.

The woods & trees of the forest are synonymous with the duality of physical life.

When I venture into the relative world of dual reality, I am liable to get lost & confused unless I maintain a higher perspective of my life that allows my clarity & direction.