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Three Aspects Of Light

The Three Aspects of Light are:

Consciousness, Mind & Thought.

Mind is the Energy of Light.

Consciousness is the Matter of Light.

Thought is the Motion of Light.

The Twelve Aspects of Spirit are:

Love, Light & Life in Energy, Motion & Matter as a Wavelength, Frequency & Vibration of Emotion, Mind & Body.

The Energy of Light is a Frequency of Mind with a Wavelength of Thought as a Vibration of Consciousness.

When the energy of Light has a frequency of mind relative to its wavelength of thought, it allows consciousness to vibrate in tension.

It allows the thought of a conscious mind to be an intention.

Physical consciousness vibrates in tension with its frequency of mind inversely proportional to its wavelength of thought.

This allows a creative conscious potential where all possibilities exist as a manifestation of mind & thought.

An individual & exclusive perspective of Light emanates as Consciousness from the Thought of the Universal Mind.

Individual consciousness is relative to the exclusive thoughts of a unique mind.

My perspective of Consciousness, Mind & Thought creates my reality.

Pure Light

Pure Light is an unfiltered frequency of Thought.

When thoughts are filtered through a limited perspective, they are tainted by beliefs.

Any perspective that is tainted by a belief has a limited capacity.

Impure thinking, caused by fears & limiting beliefs, reverses the polarity of a thought.

Pure Light flows through Life, without resistance.

Impure thinking blocks the flow of pure thought.

Polarised light castes a shadow.

My limiting beliefs & fears are the effect of living in my shadow.

My shadow forms when my ego blocks the pure light of my divine thoughts.

I live in the shadow of my impure thinking until I challenge my beliefs and I come to know the truth of Pure Light.

A Matter Of Seeing Light

My physical eyes see pictures of light.

The frequency of the photons determines the picture of reality.

The changing frequency of the photons allows the experience of time.

When nothing in the picture changes, reality remains the same and time appears to stand still.

As the picture of reality changes, it creates the effect of time travelling through space or space travelling through time.

In a dual reality, there are always two ways of seeing the world.

I can see photons of light actually and electrons of matter virtually.

Or I can see virtual reality in pictures and actual reality as an experience.

I can see light actually & I can see light intuitively.

I can see the cause of light as electrons or the effect of light as photons.

I can see Light as Consciousness or I can be conscious of light.

I can see photons as the frequency of light energy or I can feel the wavelength of light energy as electrons of atomic matter.

How I see light determines whether my light shines forth or I remain in my shadow.

The Purpose Of Light

The Purpose of Light is to illuminate Wisdom.

Wisdom is the mental authority of the Mind.

Mental authority is the Mind’s wise capacity.

Expanding my capacity for wisdom is the purpose of Light.

When light is a noun, it opposes the darkness.

When light is a verb, I lighten my heaviness.

When Light is an adjective, I see who I am.

The Lighter I am, the wiser my choice.

A spectrum of Light allows variety of choice.

The purer the Light, the more beneficial the choice.

The more enlightened the choice, the more wisdom it conveys & the more acceptable it is.

Light allows me to see with clarity.

It enlightens my clarity of purpose.

When I see my purpose with clarity, it enables my life.

The Authority of Light

Light is the frequency of thought on which consciousness is transmitted.

Many perspectives of Light are created as a range of thoughts, with differing frequencies.

The higher the frequency of a thought, the purer the perspective of Light.

Pure Light has an eternal frequency and an omniscient amplitude.

The authority of a thought is relative to the purity of its frequency.

The most authoritative thoughts are undivided by polarity.

Pure thoughts are revelatory & inspiring.

Frequencies of thought that are divided by polarity are uninspiring.

The force of authority is determined by its Time or frequency.

The higher the frequency of a thought, the greater its force of authority.

The Light of a pure thought has a neutral polarity and a balanced intensity.

The Authority of Light determines the depth of its inspired revelation.

Pure Colour

Colour is a property of light.

Light is an electro-magnetic energy wave.

The frequency of a light wave determines its colour.

The absence of light is black or no visible colour.

The presence of all colours is white or pure light.

White is the observation of all three primary colours being in balance.

The three primary wavelengths of red, blue & yellow combine in an infinite variety of ways to provide a broad palette of colours.

The intensity of a colour determines its shade.

The gender of a colour is called its tint.

The polarity of a colour is called its hue.

Hues, tints & shades are created by the intensity, gender & polarity of the frequency of a light ray.

Different hues, tints & shades are obtained by changing the property of light.

Different hue, tints & shades of emotion are created by changing the gender, polarity & intensity of our thoughts.

Thought is an electro-magnetic energy wave.

Pure colour is reflected & refracted in a rainbow.

It is a promise of the purity of life expressed through the purity of our thought.

What is Light?

Light is mental.

Light is mentally knowing.

Light is mentally knowing my authority.

Light is mentally knowing my authority to affirm.

Light is mentally knowing my authority to affirm my allowance.

Light is mentally knowing my authority to affirm the allowing of my fulfilment.

Light is mentally knowing my authority to affirm the allowing of my fulfilment in having..

Light is mentally knowing my authority to affirm the allowing of my fulfilment to have intuition.

Light is mentally knowing my authority to affirm the allowing of my fulfilment to have the intuition to discover.

Light is mentally knowing my authority to affirm the allowing of my fulfilment to have the intuition to discover my Light.