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Lifting The Veil

Lifting the Veil allows the ability to live in a higher dimension of reality.

The following attainments assist in the lifting of the veil:

1. Being grounded in three dimensional physical reality.

2. Hearing your own messages of guidance.

3. Loving & accepting your Self for who you really are.

4. Freeing your Self from the mass induced trance of powerless living.

5. Recognising your Self as the creator of your own reality.

6. Living with clear boundaries & distinctions.

7. Openly expressing emotional feelings.

8. Understanding your own levels of confidence, worth & esteem.

9. Knowing that the physical & non-physical realms are all one reality.

10. Faithfully trusting your own intuition.

11.Having a set of core values that overcome all fears & limiting beliefs.

12. Seeing life as happening through you, as you.

Listening, Empowering & Clarifying

Listening, Empowering & Clarifying are the three primary skills of a Life Coach.

A Life Coach empowers their client to hear the messages that clarify their path in life.

The client’s higher Self is directing them on their beneficial & purposeful path that is in alignment with the vision for their life.

Empowering is the skill of connecting the client to their emotional power.

Clarifying the client’s path connects them to their authority & their chosen choice.

Connecting the client to their authority, empowers them instantly.

With enough emotional power, the client is enabled to hear the messages that direct them on their path.

The Life Coach asks the questions that clarify where the client is now, where the client is supposed to be and how they will get there.

The Life Coach hears the answers that empower the client to see the vision of their own purpose with clarity, direction & presence.

The Power Of The Word

Thought is the Authority of the Mind.

The Power of the Word is Emotional.

Powerful words come from the heart.

Heartfelt words are empowered & wise.

Wise words have authority.

Empowered words are emotions.

Emotion is the power of the word.

Any word that describes an emotional state of being has power.

A word that describes a pure emotional state of being has divine power.

Pure emotional power is divine & empowering.

Impure states of being have negative emotional power that is disempowering.

Motivational words have limited power.

Self talk is the power of the ego’s will.

Not all words have power.

Only words that describe an emotional state of being have emotional power.

Emotional power can be perceived with a positive or a negative perception that is either empowering or disempowering.

The power of the word is relative to the authority of the sponsoring thought.

My 15 Transformational Life Shifts

  1. From critical to self-confident to Truly Selfish.
  2. From survival to comfort & security to Awareness.
  3. From professional development to personal development to Self-development.
  4. From problems to challenges to Opportunities.
  5. From being motivated to being self-motivated to being Empowered.
  6. From life happens to me, to life happens by me, to life happens Through me.
  7. From being reactive to being pro-active to being Allowing.
  8. From being impatient & intolerant, to being patient & tolerant, to being Accepting.
  9. From living my doom to living my fate to living my Destiny.
  10. From conscious incompetence to conscious competence to Unconscious Competence.
  11. From being co-dependent to being inter-dependent to being Inter-developmental.
  12. From being rational to being instinctive to being Intuitive.
  13. From being a problem solver to being a therapist to being a Life Coach.
  14. From rational intelligence to emotional intelligence to Spiritual Awareness.
  15. From the laws of physics to the laws of perspective to the Laws of Attraction.

I am on a Journey of Transformational Shifts to become Truly Selfish in the Awareness of my Opportunities for Self-development that are Empowered Through me by Allowing & Accepting the Destiny of my Unconscious Competence as an  Inter-developmental Intuitive Life Coach using the Spiritual Awareness of the Laws of Attraction.


ICSC is an Inner Coach Accreditation.

To Certify means to inform positively.

It is to vouch for the authenticity of someone.

I vouch for my authentic Self.

My Authentic Self is my Soul.

My Soul always informs its Self in a positive way.

My Soul has no negative attributes.

I certify my True Self as authentic.

I am the author of my own life journey.

My authenticity is not certified by any external agency.

Neither my peers nor any other external agency have the authority to certify or accredit my authenticity.

My internal agency is my Inner Coach.

My Inner Coach ensures my certainty.

My intuitive Self certifies my authenticity.

I have attained I.C.S.C.

Inner Coach Self Certification.



Life Coaching Compatibility Index

Level 1

  • I am unaware of my incompetence.
  • Life happens to me.
  • I am doomed to fail.
  • My life is in chaos.

Level 2

  • I am aware of my incompetence.
  • Life happens by me.
  • I tolerate my fate.
  • My life is full of problems.

Level 3

  • I am conscious of my competence.
  • Life happens through me.
  • I cause my own effect.
  • My life is very challenging.

Level 4

  • My competence is unconscious
  • Life happens as me.
  • I am fulfilling my own destiny.
  • Life flows with effortless opportunities.

Every level of competence is coachable except level 4, when one becomes their own Life Coach.

Success Coaching

Managers give you tasks & objectives to achieve.

Trainers give you skills & roles to accomplish.

Coaches give you attributes & qualities to attain.

The quality of the attributes that you attain is a measure of  your personal competence & your capacity to use it.

An attribute is an emotional state of being that is attributable to your Self.

An attainment is an attribute that can be consciously chosen at will.

A quality is an attainment that has integrity.

When a state of being is undivided by either gender or polarity, it has integrity.

Coaching success is measured as the personal integrity of your achievements, accomplishments & attainments.

The quality of personal success is relative to the attainment of emotional attributes that ensures personal integrity.

Attributes that are personal, natural, prime, divine & spiritual are all in integrity.