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The Metaphor Of The Bull

My belief about life determines my experience of life.

My experience of life echoes my experience with a Bull.

When I am afraid of life, I get bullied.

When I run from life, the bull will chase me.

When life happens to me, the bull is the villain & I am its victim.

When life happens by me, I lead the bull by the nose.

I put a ring through its nose & lead it into tame submission.

The victim of life becomes the bully of the bull.

When life happens through me, I take the bull by the horns.

I confront my fears & demons as I see my truth in the bull’s eyes that neither is the victim nor the villain.

I hit the bull’s eye in life.

I connect with the bull, my inner heart centre, and score a direct hit with my life.

When I learn to live in peace, I leave the bull in peace to fulfil it’s own purpose in life.

Reality, Nature & Life

The Reality of Nature is called the Weather.

This is the study of the emotional or meteorological nature of the Earth.

The Life of Nature is called Biology or Botany.

This is the study of the animals & plants that inhabit the Earth or Natural World.

The Reality of Life is called Science.

It is the chemistry of the physical nature of the World.

The Nature of Reality is relative to Space & Time.

Infinite Space & eternal Time allow the experience of a continuous Reality.

The Nature of Life is relative to Love & Light.

The potential nature of life is equal to the force of light & the magnitude of love that is being expressed.

The Life of Reality is called a life-time.

It is an individual, unique & exclusive path of personal choice from birth to death & incarnation to incarnation.

The Reality of the Nature of Life is an open book of blank sheets of paper with infinite possibilities of fulfilment.

A Rock

A Rock stands fast against the flow.

It is grounded in physical reality.

It survives the test of time.

It is steadfast in its outlook on life.

When overwhelmed by the flow of life, I need a rock to anchor myself to physical reality.

When I am a rock for other people to rely on, I can get stuck myself.

I do not have to be a rock to be grounded in the flow.

A rock can be a hard place to be.

It is the fate of every rock to be worn down & reduced to dust.

A rock gives up its flexibility of choice.

It weathers all seasons without flexibility or compromise.

As a rock I cannot change my perception over time.

I cannot perceive another reality that is not set in stone.


Participation is a Party in Cipation.

Cipation is being in the flow.

I participate in the flow with a party of people.

I join a party of people in the flow of life.

I flow with life when I participate with other people.

Life is designed to be a party.

I take part in life when I participate.

I can participate in life as a spectator.

As a spectator, the party happens to me.

I can participate in life as a participant.

As a participant, the party happens by me.

I can participate in life as an observer.

As an observer, life happens through me.

I can participate as the creator.

As the creator, life happens as me.

I have chosen to participate in life.

How I participate in life is my choice.

I can choose to flow with life or resist it.

I can choose to be a spectator, a participant, an observer or the creator of my own life.

Anticipation & Expectation

When life happens by me, I expect it to arrive.

Whatever I cause to happen, I expect to happen.

Whenever it fails to happen, I am disappointed.

When life happens to me, I live in hope that I won’t be disappointed.

When life happens by me, it also happens by others.

When I expect others to deliver life as I want it, I am often disappointed.

When life happens through me, I allow it to also happen through other people.

It allows other people to deliver beyond my wildest expectations.

When I anticipate life happening through me, it does.

Balanced anticipation is joyful.

Joyful anticipation is more powerful than intense expectation.

Intense expectation can result in intense disappointment.

Just feeling joyful anticipation empowers it to arrive.

Expectation & disappointment are the opposing positive & negative polarities of my joyful anticipation.

Life Is A Project

Life is a Project, when I allow it to be.

When life happens to me, I am subjected to it.

When life happens by me, I have objectives to achieve, attain or accomplish.

When life happens through me, I allow the project to unfold.

My life is projected before me, to realise & experience.

Life is a three dimensional projection of reality in a matrix of possibilities.

How I project my reality is my project.

When life happens as me, I am the project director & I am the projector operator.

I direct the project & I project the project in the direction of my choice.

I choose the subject of my project & I choose the objective of my project.

The subject of my project is my vision.

The objective of my project is my purpose.

The project, and my mission in life, is to align my vision & my purpose.

Fulfilling my project has true value for me.

My life project is to fulfil my destiny.

Sweet Dreams

When Dreams happen to me, sweet dreams means no nightmares.

When life happens to me, it can be a problem & become chaotic.

Chaotic problems can be a nightmare & cause nightmares.

When dreams happen by me, they are day dreams.

Day dreams are the challenges that I set my Self for the future.

The dream is sweet but the challenge can become a nightmare.

When I am too busy chasing my day dreams, I am too busy to remember my night dreams.

When dreams happen through me, they are lessons that reveal my opportunities.

Sweet dreams reveal my beneficial path through life.

When dreams happen as me, I am creating my dream reality.

I am manifesting a sweet life in the imagination of my dreams.

I dream of living my ideal life & it becomes my reality.

I am living the dream.

Dreams are always sweet, it is nightmares that are bitter & sour.