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What The Law Of Attraction Is!

The Law Of Attraction is a spiritual law governing the creation of physical reality.

Physical reality is created in alignment with the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction governs the process through which personal reality is made manifest.

Physical reality is a creation of Thought emanating from the Consciousness of Mind.

The Universal Mind creates Consciousness as a reality through the process of Thought.

As my thoughts process, does my reality manifest in alignment with the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction ensures that “like energy unto itself is drawn”.

Therefore, as I think, so I experience.

My personal reality is the consequence of my personal perspective of life, based on my personal beliefs that cause my personal experience of life.

My reality is a personal experience of energy manifested as a personal material existence by the conscious thought of my mind.

The Law of Attraction is my authority to change my reality through choice.

The ability of choice allows me to change my mind by changing my thoughts, which changes my conscious reality.

Like vibrations of thought from like minds create like vibrations of consciousness.

My thoughts thereby create my conscious reality in the same way, or in a different way, to how your thoughts create the consciousness of your reality because we all have individual choice.

We all either share the same conscious thoughts as of one mind or we can choose to create our own reality based on our own unique choice of perspective of life.

Nothing is ever created outside of the conscious thoughts of the mind.

As my mind thinks, so I experience that consciousness as the reality of my life.

The Law of Attraction is the potential magnitude of energetic force that personally creates all experiences of physical, mental & emotional reality.

Energy Is Attractive

Energy is Attractive to like vibrations of energy.

Vibrations of energy attract like vibrations of energy.

Energy is defined by its vibration.

A singularity is energy that has only one vibration.

It is a singularity because that vibration of energy attracts the only vibration of energy.

In a dual reality, energy is divided by frequency & wavelength.

In a relative duality, frequency is inversely proportional to wavelength.

Relativity divides frequency by polarity & divides wavelength by gender.

The polarity of a frequency relative to the gender of a wavelength determines the intensity of its vibration.

Opposing genders of the same vibration are attractive.

Opposing polarities of the same vibration are repulsive.

Duality allows energy to attract & repel with relative intensity.

It is this choice that allows energy to be attractive or not.

It allows Consciousness to emerge from the Singularity of Source Energy.

God’s Law

God’s Law governs the reality of the physical universe.

The physical universe is governed by the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that Like Energy unto itself is Drawn.

This means that energy of a particular vibration attracts & is attracted to all other energy of the same vibration.

This Law of energy is the fundamental cause of all matter & motion in a space-time-reality.

The energy of matter in motion is called its vibration.

The motion of energy in matter is called its frequency.

The matter of energy in motion is called its wavelength.

Vibration, frequency & wavelength are the three dimensions of energy that allow a three dimensional space-time-reality of energy & matter in motion.

Reality is the energy of motion in matter.

Time is the motion of matter in energy.

Space is the matter of energy in motion.

God’s Law allows Creation to be Created by a Creative Creator.

A wavelength of emotional love is the power that authorises a frequency of mental thought with the ability to create a vibration of physical life.


Logic & Rationale are often confused.

Logic is rational and it is also emotional.

It is a rational perspective that has an emotional perception, to be otherwise is illogical.

It is emotional perception that allows logic to have clarity, otherwise being rational has no distinction from being logical.

The Law of Attraction is logical even when it is not rational.

The Golden Rule is still logical even when it is not the rational choice.

A rational perspective may choose an eye for an eye and the justice of revenge.

An emotional perception never sees the golden rule as illogical.

When fully appreciated, the Law of Attraction is never illogical, being neither irrational nor unemotional.

It is an irrational perception or an unemotional perspective that misinterprets the logic of the absolute reality of Attraction.

Attraction is an immutable force with a benign magnitude that allows the potential of the Golden Rule to exist.


Autonomy means Self-governing.

It is the self-determination of one’s own laws.

Personal laws are called standards of behaviour.

As behaviour follows belief, my personal standards are relative to my core beliefs.

Limiting beliefs cause resistant boundaries that inhibit freedom of action.

High personal standards are relative to the purity of my core beliefs.

The truth of my core beliefs determines the authority of my behaviour.

Empowered behaviour is always authorised.

I govern my behaviour by controlling my emotional power.

Emotional power authorises & enables action.

I am governed only by the Laws of Attraction.

An Unconsciously Competent Law

The Law of Attraction is used most effectively with unconscious competence.

When I am unconsciously using the Law of Attraction, it works in the background most effectively.

My super-conscious entity employs the Law of Attraction to provide my Self with everything that I need on my journey.

Like gravity, the Law of Attraction works in the background without exception.

For my conscious Self to effectively use the Law of Attraction beneficially, I am required to be in alignment with the attractive potential, the power & authority, of my higher Self.

Unless my unconscious competence is in evidence, the Law of Attraction may appear not to work.

When my sub-conscious competence is not aligned with my super-conscious competence, I am at the level of unconscious incompetence.

My unconscious incompetence has no power of attraction and no authority to manifest into my conscious reality.

Equating Energy

The formula for energy in all different forms in the triality of a relative dual reality world is the same.

All forms of Energy (E) have a Vibration (A).

The Vibration of all Energy (A) is equal to its Wavelength (B) proportional to its Frequency (C).

Therefore: A  = B ± C

The Wavelength of all Energy (B) is equal to its male gender (m) proportional to its female gender (f).

Therefore: B = m ± f

The Frequency of all energy (C) is equal to its positive polarity (c+) proportional to its negative polarity (c-).

Therefore: C = c+ ± c-

This equates to:

A = [m ± f] cx [c+ ± c-]

This means that how I equate to the world is relative to how the world equates to me, which is how my energy equates to the world because like energy is drawn unto itself.

This is the Law of Attraction.