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Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is my awareness of what my body needs to bring it back into balance.

Knowing what I need to bring my body back into balance requires an understanding of what is causing the imbalance.

A healthy body is in mental & emotional balance.

Re-balancing emotional energy allows my Self to feel good.

I cannot feel good & be out of balance.

Feeling good is my natural state of being healthy.

Unhealthy thinking causes bad feelings & negative emotions.

Unless I have a healthy perspective of life, I am thinking myself to unwellness.

When I believe that I am well, I feel well.

When I believe that I am unwell, that becomes my experience.

Healthy feelings always accompany healthy thoughts.

Thoughts never follow feelings, that is negative thinking re-inforcing negative feelings.

Knowing that I am well allows my Self to feel well & be well, you see.

When I intuitively see, know & feel my well-being, I am intuitively healed.

A Parable

A Parable is a story.

Par is average.

Parables are written by people with average ability for people with average ability.

Average physical ability has average mental capacity to understand with average emotional competence .

Paradoxically, parables appear to contain miracles, not average ability.

Average ability disallows miracles.

Physical ability requires both emotional power & mental authority.

Average emotional competence does not have enough mental authority to perform miracles.

Miracles are normal events for extra-ordinary people.

Allowing miracles to flow into my life requires the capacity for above normal competence that allows super-natural capability.

Above average emotional power authorises my intuitive connection that allows my super-normal ability to live an extra-ordinary life.

Those with the eyes to see will see this intuitively.

All the rest will have to listen to the parables.

A Gut Feeling

A Gut Feeling is an intuitive message from my Soul to my Self.

I am gutted when I miss my intuitive messages.

My feeling centre is my solar plexus.

The place of the sun is where my light shines forth as an intuitive message.

When my light shines within, I am enlightened.

An enlightened message is a gut feeling.

It can be a feeling in my bones, a feeling in my water or a feeling in my gut.

My Heart is the Source of my intuitive connection to my Soul.

I receive intuitive messages of knowing in my mind that I process through my brain.

I receive gut feelings in my solar plexus that I also process through my brain.

I can process my gut feelings as positive excitement of pure opportunistic joy or I can process a gut feeling as a nervous anxiety or fear.

It depends on what beliefs are pre-programmed in my sub-conscious mind as to whether I interpret my gut instinct as a positive or a negative feeling.

Making Sense

Making Sense is seeing the Light.

Seeing the Light is knowing the Truth.

Life makes sense when I see the truth.

It makes sense when I see it intuitively.

When I see it intuitively, I get it.

I make sense of the world with my intuition.

It makes sense when it feels good.

It makes sense when it feels right.

It makes sense when I know it is right for me.

It makes sense when I know it makes sense.

I just know intuitively that it is right.

I know it’s right when it feels good.

It makes sense when I see that my knowing feels intuitively good & right.

My intuition never feels bad or wrong.

Things don’t make sense when I disconnect from life intuitively.

Rational thinking doesn’t always add up.

Things make sense when I use my sense of intuition.

Being intuitively guided makes sense to me.


Intuition is the ability to be intuitive.

Being intuitive requires three spiritual senses to be enabled.

A sense of knowing, a sense of feeling and a sense of seeing.

I see my inspired revelations intuitively when I am exclusively connected to my highest authority.

My exclusive intuitive connection allows my highest authority to be revealed.

Intuitive revelations are always inspired and always authorised.

They are authorised because they are a divine choice from my highest authority.

When I just know the right choice for me, it always feels good.

Intuition allows me to see the light of my inner tutor.

My inner coach is my guide & tutor that intuitively directs me on my path through life.

Intuition is my exclusive connection to my super-conscious mind.

I See!

“I See” is my acknowledgement of my intuitive connection to my answer.

When I get the answer, I see it intuitively.

I do not see intuitively with my eye sight.

I intuitively see the path of my inner tutor’s vision for my Self.

When I look at my life from the perspective of my Soul, I see my direction with clarity.

When I intuitively know what is right for me and it intuitively feels good, I see my path with clarity and without resistance.

With eyes that cannot see, I am intuitively blind to my personal vision for my life.

With the eyes to see, I intuitively connect to the effortless path that is my destiny and I avoid other people’s parables that are my fate.

It is not possible to intuitively know & feel the answer to my questions and not see the way forward.

The way forward is always presented in the present moment as a present.

I see into the future with my imagination, I see into the past with my memory, and I see the present with my intuitive insight.

How Do I Feel?

“How do I Feel” is a question that connects me to my intuitive feelings.

Intuitive feelings are emotional not rational.

Even though my feelings are emotional and not rational, they have a logic that I am required to learn.

With a minimum amount of emotional intelligence, I can feel the intensity of an emotion even when I do not know what the emotion is.

I can also feel the polarity of an emotion and determine whether it feels good or not.

It is the polarity of an emotion that determines whether the experience feels good or not.

The polarity of my emotional feelings is determined by my belief about what is occurring.

When I feel full of positive emotional energy, I do not need to ask my Self how do I feel.

When I feel good, I know I feel good.

It is when I do not feel good that I ask the question: How do I feel?

This is my opportunity to feel better about whatever is occurring, by choosing a better perspective that allows a better feeling to arise naturally within me.