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A Healthy World

A Healthy World is the creation of my own perspective.

When I have healthy thoughts, I do healthy things and I am healthy.

My outer world is a reflection of my inner world.

My inner world is a projection of my thoughts & emotions.

Healthy frequencies of thought are transmitted on healthy wavelengths of emotion.

When I know that my inner world is healthy, I feel healthy & I see my perception of my healthy world.

Living in a healthy world full of physically, mentally & emotionally sick people requires sensitive detachment.

When I know that I create my own reality, and I know that I am creating a healthy reality, then that is my personal experience.

What other people create & experience is of no consequence to my reality.

Healing The Self

When life happens to me, it can be acutely unhealthy.

When life happens by me, it can become chronically unhealthy & even critical.

Only when I allow life to flow through me will healing occur naturally.

Healing occurs naturally when life flows effortlessly.

I do not need to be healed from a healthy life.

Healing an unhealthy life can only be done by the Self.

Healing the Self is not something that I can do but something that I allow.

Trying to heal myself is a statement of ill health.

Allowing my health to flow through me is a statement of being healthy.

Health is a powerful emotional energy that is required to be mentally authorised.

The only way to Heal the Self is to stop blocking natural healthy thoughts & emotions from flowing freely.


Natural Health

Health is natural.

Nature is healthy.

The nature of choice allows life to be healthy or unhealthy.

An unhealthy life is an unnatural choice.

It is failing to choose the true nature of the Self.

Being healthy is the true nature of the Self.

Left to its own devices, my body will find a healthy balance.

Natural health is a balance of natural wealth & natural wisdom.

Natural wealth is relative to emotional power.

Emotional power is relative to mental authority.

Mental authority is relative to natural wisdom.

Natural wisdom is innate & intuitive.

My body innately & intuitively knows how to balance its healthy nature.

Discomfort & Disease

Discomfort is experienced on a physical level.

Disease is experienced on a cellular level.

The physical body seeks to live in comfort.

The cellular body seeks to live in ease.

When my cells operate easily, my body lives comfortably.

When my cells cease to operate with ease, my body experiences discomfort.

The disease of my cellular operation is usually blamed on viruses or bacteria.

This belief can lead to great discomfort.

I cannot be comfortable being the victim of a disease.

Discomfort on the physical level is often the result of disease on the cellular level.

Treating the symptoms on a physical level will not treat the cause at a cellular level.

Beliefs About Viruses

When I believe that viruses cause disease then I will suffer as their victim.

I will suffer from a cold or flu when I believe that I am being attacked by a virulent disease.

I do not have to suffer the discomfort or dis-ease of my own personal growth.

As I change my beliefs for less limiting truths, I change my DNA.

As I reprogramme my DNA, my old cells die and my new cells regenerate.

Viruses are vital to the process of old cell removal and new cell generation.

I do not have to suffer the process of personal development and regeneration even though this only occurs outside of my comfort zone.

Discomfort is inevitable, suffering is a choice.

I never suffer from the belief that my discomfort is allowing me to get better.

A virus is only the villain when I believe that I am its victim.


Continuous Health

Health is continuous.

Wellness fluctuates.

Health is spiritual well-being.

Wellness is the absence of physical or mental illness.

Health has no duality.

Wellness is interspersed with ill-health.

Health is my physical potential.

Wellness determines my physical ability.

Health is my natural state of being.

Wellness is relative to my common beliefs.

Health is a measure of my Wealth & Wisdom.

Wellness is a measure of my knowledge & riches.

My Health releases my past, delivers my present and cleanses my future.

My wellness fears ailments, suffers unwellness and has a problem with all types of illness.

I can be Healthy & Well without illness or wellness.

Inflammation & Infection

The role of the virus is to detoxify cells.

They naturally clean up their living environment.

My infection is my cell toxicity, not the virus.

I am infected by my level of toxicity, not the virus cleaning up the toxicity.

The evidence of viral activity is a measure of my level of cellular toxicity that requires detoxifying.

The role of the bacterium is to neutralise excessive viral activity.

They naturally clean up their living environment.

The role of my inflammation response is to neutralise excessive bacterial activity.

When my inflammation response is neutralised with anti-inflammatory drugs, bacteria proliferate.

When bacteria are neutralised with anti-septic drugs, virus infection prospers.

Excessive viral activity can only be neutralised by my inflammation response.

This is called nature taking its course.

Inflammation & Infection are my body’s natural method of detoxification when I allow nature to follow its natural course.

Following a natural course is not currently human nature or the nature of medical practitioners.

I am required to naturally clean up my living environment.