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The Root Of All Happiness

The Root of All Happiness is the contentment of a joyful & fulfilling life.

A Happy Life is determined by how I relate to life.

Life is not about what I get from relationships, from a career or from money.

It is about what I put into life by how I relate to life.

When I relate to life in a happy way, I create the way of a happy life.

When my life is physically content, mentally fulfilling & emotionally joyful, I am happy.

My emotional power determines how I relate to life.

Being content, fulfilled & joyful are all authorised states of being that are empowering.

Empowering emotions are powerfully attractive.

They attract relationships that allow money to career effortlessly into my life.

Relationships, career & money are the effect of happiness, not the cause.

Relationships, Career & Money

Relationships, Career & Money are the focus of modern life.

A commonly held belief is that a good career earns lots of money that allows relationships to thrive.

The expectation is that money brings contentment, relationships are joyful & the career is fulfilling.

The reality is the disappointment of discovering that careering after money is not fulfilling & is intensely harmful to relationships.

Modern life is unhealthy and money makes us rich but not wealthy when produced without wisdom.

People are unfulfilled in their relationships & discontent with work when they realise that money cannot buy them joy.

Another commonly held belief is that money gives us power and our career gives us status & authority that enables our relationships to thrive.

The reality is that people with money & status do not have more successful relationships.

They may be content with their money & status but dissatisfied with partners & family.

Happiness requires that both career & relationships are joyful, fulfilling & bring contentment.

The pursuit of money is the reason that happiness is so elusive.

Being Happy

Being Happy is my natural state of being.

It is experienced in physical life as a triune reality of being content, fulfilled & joyful.

It requires the attainment of contentment, fulfilment & joy.

I do not have to find my happiness.

I cannot lose it, I can only disconnect from it.

Physical life has many ways of disconnecting me from my true source of happiness.

Reconnecting to my happiness requires my contentment with physical life or my state of being content.

It requires my fulfilment or my state of being fulfilled with my vision for my life.

It requires my joy or my joyful state of being in balance & harmony with my Self.

Seeking happiness is a statement of my being unhappy and will attract only unhappy experiences.

I cannot be unfulfilled with an abundance of joy.

When I feel my awareness of abundance & the joy of being consciously fulfilled with my contentment at having enough, I will find that my happiness is always present.


Joy is the awareness of my emotional happiness.

It is the highest aspect of love experienced as a human emotion.

There is no joy greater than pure joy.

Joy is the pure joy of feeling happy.

I enjoy every experience that allows me to share my true emotional power.

Whatever has true value for me is a pure joy to experience.

Fun & pleasure are substitutes & poor imitations of the experience of pure joy.

They are an impure joy driven by my emotional needs & my sub-conscious beliefs.

Joy is the love of my Soul expressed.

I experience the joy of being aligned & at one with my Soul.

There is no negative polarity of joy.

It is the feeling of being in balance & harmony with one’s Self.

Being my Soul is a pure Joy.


Fulfilment is being conscious of my mental happiness.

I am mentally happy when I am fulfilled.

I am mentally filled full of happiness.

When my mental happiness is empty, I remain unfulfilled.

It is my mental beliefs that cause my lack of fulfilment.

It is my belief that there is something that I have to do in order to feel fulfilled.

To be fulfilled, I am required to feel it.

I feel fulfilled when I remove all the obstacles that are disallowing my fulfilment.

Fulfilment is the attainment of being fulfilled.

Being fulfilled is the attribute of effortlessly following my own path & fulfilling my vision in life.

Not having or not knowing that I have a vision for my life will disallow my fulfilment.

When I am filled full of fears & limiting beliefs, fulfilment is forsaken.

I am the fulfilment of my Soul’s Vision for my Self.

Unless, that is, I believe otherwise.


Contentment is being consciously aware of my happiness.

When I am conscious of having enough, I am happy.

When I am aware of my abundance, I am happy.

Discontentment arises from my belief that I am not satisfied with what I have.

When I know that I have enough of everything, I feel abundant and I am content.

I cannot be content unless I am conscious of having enough and aware of my abundance.

When my sub-conscious decides what is enough for me, I will never be satisfied.

I am sub-consciously driven to meet my emotional needs.

Whatever I believe that I need is a statement of not having enough and not being content.

My Soul knows what is enough for my Self.

My Soul is ever content.

My Soul provides the content for my life.

Contentment is accepting the content that is being provided.

When I am content with the contents of my life, I am in gratitude & appreciation of my Soul’s provision for my Self.

Happiness requires my alignment with my Soul’s contentment.

An abundance of contentment is always enough.

My Opportunity for Happiness

Happiness is a physical, mental & emotional triality of Contentment, Fulfilment & Joy.

A joyless life is without emotional power.

Without emotional power, I experience a life of pleasure seeking and pain avoidance & alleviation.

I need emotional power to be comfortable as without it I am uncomfortable.

An unfulfilled life is without mental authority.

Without my inspired choice, I will have great expectation & disappointment and I will never be satisfied.

Intuitive inspirational choice is required to overcome my challenges and take my opportunities.

My only problem is a lack of authority and my only challenge is a lack of power.

Without either my ability to be happy is compromised.

The approval of my Joy and the allowance of my fulfilment allows the acceptance of my contentment that allows my opportunity for Happiness.

The potential power, authority & ability to be happy is ever within me.