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Meeting My Maker

I am not dieing to meet my Maker.

I am living to meet my Maker.

My Maker makes me alive.

Living is an opportunity to experience who I really am.

I am the Creator of my own reality.

I am my own Maker.

I really am making it up as I go along. 

It is the figment of my imagination that creates my real experience.

I really am experiencing a reality of my own making.

I am choosing to meet my maker through the experience of life.

The choice of my ego Self is to be in alignment with my Divine Soul.

My Soul makes every opportunity to be at one with its Self.

Meeting my Maker is a process of realising who my Creator is.

I really am making all this up, any way that I choose.

1st Cause

1st Cause is the creator.

The first cause that the Creator created is the effect of duality.

The Creator caused the effect of duality.

The effect of duality is choice.

Choice allows a choice of effects.

A choice of effects allows a choice of causes.

We are all at choice causing the effect of our own reality.

The Creator is 1st Cause.

My Soul is 2nd Cause.

My Soul causes the effects that my Self experiences.

My Spirit is the cause, my Physicality is the effect.

Physicality is the effect of a spiritual cause.

My spiritual cause is physical life.

When my physicality & my spirituality are in harmony, I am the creator of my own reality.

I can cause my reality to happen, I can experience the effect of the reality that I cause, or I can be the creator of my own reality.

The Almighty

The Almighty means the all powerful One.

The all powerful one is my Soul.

My Soul is my Lord & Inner Guide.

My Lord is my Creator & my God.

My Lord God Almighty is the source of my power, authority & ability.

The Source of my almighty omnipotent power.

The Source of the authority that is my omniscient Lord & Master.

The Source of the ability of my omnipresent creativity.

My Soul connection that allows my almighty magnitude of emotional power to effortlessly flow.

My ego self is locked in a mortal duality between strength & weakness.

Almighty is unlimited Strength.

When my strength has the unity of my heart, mind & soul and the congruency of my id, ego & entity; there is no weakness.

I am almighty when I realise the potential of my divine power that I access with the ability of my divine authority.

The Name of God

God has no name, until I define God in relationship to my Self.

Defining God allows God to be definitely in my reality.

Until then, God is not real.

Naming God defines God.

God is both the creator and that which is created.

Everything that is created as reality is a creation of the creator.

God is the All of Everything that is Universal – the One Version of Everything.

God is both the creator of the universe and the creation that is the universe.

I am both a part of the creator and the creator of a part of the universe.

The part of the universe that I am a part of, is my soul creation.

I am the creator of my own reality that is a part of the one version of reality that is the multiverse.

Being apart from my creator is essential to my experience of my part of the creation.

My Soul created my Self that I may experience being made in the image of God.

My Soul & God are inseparable.

The Name of God is of my Creation & is my Creator.



Describing God

There are many ways of Describing God:

Myths & Legends describe actions of god.

Scriptures recount stories of god.

Psalms are ancient poems about god.

Poems are a modern description of god.

Religions teach the morals of god.

Philosophy enlightens the love & wisdom of god.

Science theorises the physical aspects of god.

Theosophy reveals the spirit of god.

Metaphysics explores the science of god.

Astronomy discovers the extent of god.

Astrology prophecises the fate of god.

Prayers deliver the provision of god.

Worship connects to the power of god.

Meditation connects to the authority of god.

There is not one way of Describing God.

God is Good

In an Absolute World, God is Good.

God & Good are the same.

In an Absolute World, being Good is a Divine experience of being God.

There is no other way to be.

In a relative world of dual reality, god is either good or bad.

When I see god as either good or bad, I judge god.

When I see god as only good, I judge god to be less than everything.

When god is seen as less than All That Is, god is no longer Good and no longer God.

When god is everything that is both good & bad, I have relegated god to live in a world of duality.

The Absolute World of God is beyond the dual reality existence of physical life that is experienced as either good or bad.

To live in God’s World, Heaven, I am required to overcome the duality that allows life to be good or bad because God is only and always Good.

Good & bad is just a relative perspective, whereas Good is a state of Beingness that is Divine.


‘Give it to God’

When I have a problem, I cannot ‘Give it to God’.

God does not have problems.

God does not solve problems.

God only creates opportunities.

What I can give to God is my Attention.

When God has my attention, I can receive my opportunity.

Without my attention, God has no opportunity to guide and to support me on my path.

Without guidance and support, life is one long procession of problems.

Unless I give the opportunity to God, I cannot receive the opportunity from God.

When I give my attention to God, God gives my opportunity to me.

God is my Soul in action.

Without the opportunity, my Soul cannot act, which is the source of all my problems.