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The Need To Be Heard

Being Heard is an emotional need.

It is caused by the belief that there is only one reality.

With only one reality, I believe that there is only one way to live in that reality.

When I believe that my way is the only way, I like to tell others the way.

When I need to be needed, I need to tell others the way.

When they do not listen, it drains my emotional energy.

I drain emotional energy when I believe that I am not being heard.

When I need to be heard, I need to herd other people in my direction.

When I need to be needed, I need to be the shepherd to the sheep.

When I need to be heard, I need people to acknowledge that they hear me.

When other people hear my way & acknowledge my way, it justifies my way as being right.

When I need to be right, I need to be needed & I need to be acknowledged, I also need to be heard.

The Need To Be Free

The Need To Be Free is caused by fear.

I fear my suppression by others.

My freedom of choice is suppressed by the authority of others.

When I choose the authority of another, I repress my own truth.

My freedom of speech is suppressed by another’s belief that my perspective is untrue.

My freedom to Be is suppressed by my repressed emotions.

Suppressing my freedom represses my thoughts.

Repressing my thoughts represses my emotions.

Repressing my emotions depresses my emotional competence & my mental capacity.

Free thinking allows the pure thoughts that illuminate my life path.

Without the competence of my emotional power & the capacity of my mental authority, my freedom is disabled & denied.

Being encouraged, influenced or forced to follow the beliefs, principles, doctrines & authority of another causes my need to be free.

The Need For Peace

The Need For Peace is caused by inner confict.

Inner conflict disallows inner peace.

Peace in my external world is relative to peace in my inner world.

Duality is opposition in action.

Opposition causes conflict.

A dual reality world is divided by peace & conflict.

Harmony is attained by overcoming the ying & yang of peace & conflict.

My external world brings me into conflict so that I might learn to live in peace.

I harmonise my inner conflict by uniting the opposing genders of my emotion caused by the opposing polarities of my thinking.

Conflict drains my emotional power and causes my need for peace.

My need for peace results in my fear of conflict.

Confronting my fears with my truth is the only way to bring my world into peace & harmony.

Three Prime Attachments

A Prime Attachment is a personal attribute that I need from other people.

What I need emotionally attaches me to whoever meets that need.

The prime attachments of any relationship are:

  1. Being Reliable
  2. Being Dependable
  3. Being Trustworthy

These are the prime attachments of both a personal & a business relationship.

Both partners expect to trust, depend on & rely on their partner in a marriage.

Both parties expect to trust, depend on & rely on the other party in a business contract.

An employer expects their workers to be reliable, dependable & trustworthy as does an employee expect the same from their employer.

To be trustworthy, I am required to be truthful & honest.

To be reliable, I am required to be punctual & predictable.

To be dependable, I am required to be honourable & dutiful.

These are the aspects of personal discipline that ensure that I meet the needs of my marriage, my business or my employment.

Prime attachments are also the personal attributes that other people need from me.

Needs & Causes

The Need to be Included causes:

The feeling of being excluded, ignored & deserted.

The Need to Achieve causes:

The feeling of failure, frustration & incompetence.

The Need for Control causes:

Obsession, compulsion & disorder.

The Need for Approval causes:

Humbleness, meekness & pleasing.

The Need for Respect causes:

Low self-worth, low self-confidence & low self-esteem.

The Need to be Superior or better than causes:

War, conflict & competition.

The Need to be Right causes:

Blame, judgment & conviction.

The Need to be Safe causes:

Fear, discomfort & insecurity.

The Need for Perfection causes:

Dedication, determination & commitment.

The Need to be loved causes:

Hatred, lust & jealousy.

The Need to be Special causes:

Bias, prejudice & discrimination.

The Need to approve of others causes:

Criticism, cynicism & condemnation.

A Hierarchy of Needs

A Hierarchy is a list of importance.

We all have our own unique list of emotional needs.

Below our three primary needs are as many as ten emotional needs in total.

We all sub-consciously list our emotional needs in order of importance.

The greater the ability to meet my need for emotional energy, the greater the value to me and the more important it is.

We all have the same physical needs for food, water & shelter.

We each have a different list of emotional needs to meet our own requirements for personal emotional power.

My emotional needs provide the emotional energy that is my personal power.

My emotional power authorises my physical ability.

When it motivates my personal will, it is called will power.

We are all motivated or driven by what meets are need for emotional energy until we learn how to empower our true authority.

We are sub-consciously driven to do what we do by our hierarchy of emotional needs until we learn to consciously empower our Self.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security are defined by my comfort zone.

Inside my comfort zone; I feel safe, secure & comfortable.

The further inside my comfort zone I am, the safer & more secure I feel.

The further outside my comfort zone that I explore the more unsafe & insecure that I feel.

My comfort zone is not a physical phenomenon.

It is my emotional feeling of being safe & secure.

The more safe & secure that I feel, the greater is my emotional energy.

The greater the power of my emotional energy, the more safe & secure that I feel.

I do not have to surround my self with physical barriers or emotional boundaries in order to feel safe & secure.

It is my mental perspective that determines my emotional perception.

When I believe myself to be unsafe or insecure, that is how I feel.

Feeling unsafe & insecure drains my emotional energy and causes my need for safety & security.

Being safe & secure is my emotional perception based on my personal perspective of my mental beliefs.

Faith in my Soul is my preferred perspective.