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Emotional Needs Are Non-Negotiable

Emotional Power is essential to life.

Without emotional power there is no physical ability.

It is mentally & physically debilitating.

An emotional need is an absence of power that cause an absence of ability.

The essence of emotional power is that when I don’t have it, I need it.

When I need it, it is non-negotiable.

I essentially need it because it is essential & it is the essence of life.

The controller of my emotional power is my id.

My id is my sub-conscious ego sense of Self.

My id does not negotiate with my conscious ego.

Neither my own nor anyone else’s.

When my emotional power is low, my id takes over; it takes control.

The ego is a rational controller of my experience.

The id is an irrational controller when working with irrational beliefs.

Trying to control an irrational controller is not a rational strategy.

The only option is to meet the emotional demands of the id, until the ego is restored to mental authority.

A Pure Thought

A Pure Thought is undivided by positive or negative polarity.

When undivided by polarity, a pure thought is transmitted on a pure wavelength of emotion.

This wavelength of pure emotion is called Love.

Pure emotion is Divine Love that is without duality.

It is the Love that the Soul has for its Self.

Emotion is impure when divided by male or female gender.

It is the choice of gender of my emotional state of being that allows polarity as a perspective.

The polarity of my perspetive determines whether the emotion that I am feeling is perceived as positive or negative.

When I overcome the duality of the polarity of my beliefs & my thinking, I unite the genders of my emotional feelings and allow Pure Thought to freely flow.

The Balance Of Intensity

The Balance of Intensity determines the drama of a reality.

Eliminating drama  from my reality requires its intensity to be balanced & neutral.

Life dramas are neutralised when life is balanced.

My life drama is neutralised when the polarity of my emotional energy flows in a purely positive direction.

Polarity flows in a direction that is purely positive when there is no resistance or entropy.

My life is balanced when there is no conflict between my male & female orientaion.

There is no conflict when I see orientaion as just an attitude or a perspective.

Opposing clockwise or anti-clockwise genders of emotional energy are just a matter of perception & belief.

Perspective is just the direction from which reality is perceived & believed to be true.

With a balanced neutral perspective, the Balance of Intensity is neutral and the flow of life is effortless.


Behave is what I do.

Be & Have are both required to do well.

Good behaviour requires Being well & Having wisdom.

With a wealth of wisdom my behaviour is healthy.

Doing well requires the power of Being.

Being well is healthy when I have a wealth of wisdom.

The power to be allows me the authority to have what is good for my Self.

Be – have – do is the best behaviour.

When I am being empowered, I have the inspiration to do effortlessly well.

When being graceful, I have the gentleness to do only good.

When being joyful, I have the fulfilment of providing my contentment.

My best behaviour is being who I really am, having what I choose to have in order to do what I have come here to do.




Logic makes sense when I make sense of the logic.

Whatever makes sense feels good.

Whatever feels good has pure emotional power.

Whatever has pure emotional power is inspired & empowered.

Doing whatever I am inspired to do makes sense.

Doing whatever feels good is therefore logical.

It is illogical to do whatever feels bad even when it appears to be rational.

Fear is illogical because it feels wrong.

It may be rational but fear defies logic.

Logic is the truth of the Word.

Logia are words of Truth.

The word of Truth conveys emotional power.

The power of the word is its logic.

Rational thinking without emotional feeling is not logical, it has no power.

Unemotional, insensitive thinking is illogical.

Insensitive thinking doesn’t make sense.

It doesn’t make sense to suppress our intuitive feelings.

It is illogical to deny my emotional power.

Balanced & Neutral

Being mentally & emotionally in balance is being consciously-aware & emotionally intelligent.

Being mentally & emotionally neutral is being unconsciously competent.

Being mentally balanced is being rational.

Being mentally unbalanced is being irrational.

Being mentally neutral is having neither a positive nor a negative polarity of thinking.

It overcomes the intensity of both conscious & sub-conscious thinking.

I am mentally neutral in a meditative state of mind.

Being emotionally neutral is being unemotional, disconnected & insensitive.

Being emotionally engaged is feeling aware.

Being emotionally unbalanced is being ungrounded & hyper-sensitive.

Being emotionally balanced requires the equilibrium of both the yin & yang of my emotions.

It is overcoming the male & female gender of my emotions by choosing a third way of being.

A balanced gender with a neutral polarity harmonises the intensity of my energy vibration & allows its fullest potential.

The Gap

The Gap is the balance between all dualities.

It is the space created by the dual reality of an energy vibration.

When an energy vibration is divided by duality, it creates a gap in the space between.

Overcoming duality is the process of filling that gap.

I fill the gap or space in my life with a balanced perception of my perspective.

It is unbalanced vibrations of energy or states of being that cause an emotional need and a need to avoid them.

I avoid the void when I fill the gap.

I fill the gap with a pure vibration of emotional energy.

A pure vibration of emotion overcomes the gender & polarity of relative experience.

When my yin & yang unite as one, I fill the gap and overcome the void that is present in my life.