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Fool Hardy

Fool Hardy is the nature of the ego that is driven by its needs.

A fool is one who makes irrational choices.

Irrational choices are driven by emotional needs and cause intense dramas.

Irrational dramas are the effect of emotional unawareness combined with an absence of rational logic.

It is the will of the ego that is hardy.

Will power is a hard force meeting an immovable objective.

When I am foolishly stuck, I need to be foolishly hardy.

Being stuck disconnects my emotional power.

Using will power drains my emotional energy reserves.

Draining my emotional power is fool hardy.

The harder the force of the ego’s will, the greater the energy drain & the more foolish the action.

With the Light of my Soul’s authority, I employ gentle wisdom to reconnect to my emotional power source.

Sensitivity Is Key To Communication

Sensitivity is Key to Communication.

Knowing someone’s emotional state of being enables good communication.

Communication is an energy exchange between two people.

When I am sensitive to a person, I allow my energy to flow with theirs.

I allow my thoughts to resonate with their thoughts.

When I am insensitive, I disconnect the flow & block the communication.

An awareness of my own emotional energy empowers my awareness of another’s emotional energy.

My awareness of another’s emotional energy opens up a channel for communication.

When I connect to another sensitively & emotionally, we are in energetic communication.

Energetic communication on both a mental & emotional level allows verbal communication to flow effortlessly.

Emotional awareness is the key to communicating with sensitivity.

Holding A Grudge

A Grudge is a stuck emotion.

An emotion that is stuck is always negative because it is not flowing.

A stuck emotion is not being expressed freely & positively.

When I am forbidden to express my own perspective, I will hold the emotion as a grudge.

A grudge is an emotional cancer.

The more I hold onto a grudge the larger & the more malignant it becomes.

I begrudge tolerating someone else’s tolerations.

I begrudge having to do what I believe I shouldn’t.

I begrudge what I ought to do and feel I mustn’t.

I begrudge being told what I should do when I know I ought not to.

Tolerating another’s tolerations causes a grudge.

I hold a grudge when I am stuck between a rock & a hard place when other people’s tolerations are my problem.

A Secure Attachment

I have a Secure Attachment with someone who,  or something that, unconditionally meets my emotional needs.

With an insecure attachment, I become very insecure & emotionally needy.

Being emotionally insecure causes dramas that can cause lasting traumas.

Avoiding dramas & overcoming trauma requires a secure attachment to whatever meets my emotional needs.

A co-dependent relationship is a bond between two people that is a secure attachment.

The most common bond of secure attachment in a co-dependent relationship is called marriage.

A marriage remains secure as long as the co-dependent bond remains emotionally attached.

A secure attachment between a councellor or therapist & their client is a strategy that may be financially lucrative but is ethically non-conducive to good practice.

When coaching clients, sensitive detachment is more mutually beneficial & productive than a secure attachment.

An Open Solar Plexus

My Solar Plexus is my emotional feeling centre.

It connects me to my Soul’s power.

It is the source of my unconscious competence.

An awareness of the emotional power flowing through my solar plexus allows my competence to become conscious.

Consciously blocking my solar plexus makes my Self unaware of my competence.

Sub-consciously suppressing my solar plexus makes me anxious & nervous.

Nervous anxiety is caused by false beliefs turning my feeling centre negative.

Negative blocked feelings turn a positive flow of competence into a destructive & fearful flow of incompetence.

Creative competence is destroyed by negative emotions caused by fearful beliefs.

An open solar plexus allows my Soul’s power to flow.

Empowered flow is a conscious sign that my intention in life is divinely authorised.

My Soul is open to my ego’s intentions.

Sensitive Detachment Allows Compassionate Empathy

When involved in someone else’s drama, I resonate with them in sympathy.

I am sympathetic to their drama.

Sensitive Detachment allows me to resonate with empathy.

I have empathy with their life path.

I am empowered on my path that is running parallel to their path.

Detached Sensitivity allows me to share their passion for their path as their companion.

Being mutually empowered, we share our experience with compassion.

Compassion is how I support another on their path by showing them that their passion for their path is empowered.

When I am sensitive to their path, yet detached from their path, my empathy is enlightening & my compassion is empowering.

Being mutually enlightened & empowered, allows us to share our empathy for our passion with empathic compassion.

Sensitivity Allows Detachment

Sensitivity is the emotional state of being aware of other people’s emotions.

Being aware of another’s emotional state of being allows the ability to respond & relate in a positive way.

Sensitivity is being aware of another’s moods & emotional needs.

When I am aware of another’s moods and what they need emotionally, I can choose who I choose to be in relationship to them.

Sensitivity allows my choice of how I relate to other people.

I choose to relate to all other people with detachment.

Detachment is the state of being independent of other people’s dramas.

An attachment is an emotional need that draws me into other people’s dramas.

Detachment allows me to guide & support others to see their involvement in their own drama.

A drama is caused by emotional energy that is in conflict.

Sensitive detachment brings my emotional state of being into harmony and out of conflict with other people.