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Chaos Theory

Chaos is not a theory but a reality for many people.

It is caused by impure thinking.

Impure thinking blocks the flow of pure consciousness and causes chaos.

Impure thinking is the effect of fears & limiting beliefs that are caused by an imperfect personal perspective of reality.

It causes tolerations & problems that in excess cause a chaotic life.

Too many tolerations deplete emotional energy.

Too many problems stifle mental energy.

Depleted mental & emotional energy causes chaos in physical life.

Resisting the flow of life causes a problem and I will tolerate the effect until too many problems cause an intolerable chaos to occur.

In practice, chaos is a perspective that causes an experience of my own making.

Solving problems may keep chaos at a manageable level but it does not make it go away.

When I hear my messages, learn my lessons & become problem-free, I overcome chaos & divine order is restored.


To Surmise is to choose to place above.

I choose to place my intuitive knowing above my rational knowledge.

The place above is the realm of my super-conscious intuitive Self.

I always surmise correctly.

When I am wrong, it is because I have made an irrational guess based on a lack of rational knowledge.

My Intuitive Sense is never wrong.

When I know it logically & feel it emotionally, I see it clearly and I surmise it correctly.

A surmise is an inspired revelation.

It is a message of direction from my higher guidance system.

My Soul places my path above everything else.

When I surmise what my path is with vision, my destiny flows effortlessly to me.


When I surrender to my problems, I tolerate being beaten.

I surrender to the false beliefs & the fears that are causing my problems & my tolerations.

I surrender to the malignant authority of my sub-conscious negative programming.

When I surrender to my challenges, they defeat me.

I am defeated by my insufficient emotional power to meet my challenge.

When I surrender to a challenge, I see a problem.

When I surrender to my opportunities, I allow them to flow to me.

Everything that flows to me, I approve of and gratefully accept as an opportunity for my expansive growth.

I surrender to the flow of life that brings my providence, my allowance and my opportunity for new experiences.

Opportunity is ‘sur-rendered’, it is rendered over or unto me.

I am never beaten by an opportunity, I either accede to my success or I concede my ability to accept it and take it.

Life can only be effortless when I surrender to the flow of life.


When I see life as a problem, I will have to survive the chaos & disaster of having too many things to tolerate & endure.

When I see life as a challenge, I will have to meet the challenge to survive what is testing me.

When I see life as an opportunity, I survive life.

Sur-vive means over or above – life.

Taking my opportunities allows me to experience life beyond the expectations of others.

Most people in life are trying to survive the problems of living their life.

I survive problems by not having them.

I survive challenges by having enough emotional energy to overcome them.

I am only ever challenged by a lack of emotional energy.

I survive my lessons by learning the lessons that confront me in life.

I do not need to survive an opportunity, I just flow with it.

My Soul will always survive my Self.

An Opportunity

An Opportunity is a present & a gift.

The opportunity of life is a gift that is presented in every present moment.

I can perceive what is being presented as a problem, as a lesson or as an opportunity.

When a problem presents itself, I have missed the opportunity to learn a lesson.

When I am presented with a lesson there is no problem, just an opportunity to learn & grow.

When I see the opportunity there is no lesson and there is no problem, I just take the opportunity with gratitude.

Opportunities are empowered.

Lessons are perceived to be a challenge.

Problems are caused by a lack of emotional energy due to a limited perspective of whatever is occurring.

A Lesson

A Lesson is always a new perspective of life.

It is learning to see life from a better perspective.

Learning lessons is developmental.

Solving problems is not.

Learning lessons is expansive.

Solving problems is contracting.

Seeing the lessons that life is presenting is always better than seeing the problems of which I am an apparent victim.

Learning a lesson allows a problem to no long appear.

Changing my perspective allows me to see a problem as a lesson.

Problems only ever appear to be a problem.

When I see the lesson it is never a problem.

The only opportunity that a lesson presents is the opportunity to learn the lesson.

A Problem

A Problem is a toleration that needs a solution.

With a solution, I can tolerate a problem.

Without a solution, a problem becomes intolerable.

A toleration drains emotional energy, which is always a problem.

A solution stops the energy drain but doesn’t find the cause.

A solution solves the symptoms of a problem.

The symptom of every problem is an emotional energy drain.

When the energy drain recurs, so does the problem.

I will have to tolerate any problem & its solution until I no longer see it as a problem.

The only opportunity that a problem presents is to not see it as a problem.