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Subject & Object

Subject & Object are a duality.

Subjectively, I am the subject of an objective life.

Objectively, a subjective experience is the object of life.

A subjective life is personally experiential.

I personally experience my objectives in life.

The object of life is to experience my objectives.

I subjectively cause my reality to happen.

The objective is to experience the effect of what I subjectively cause to happen.

The objective of my life is my subjective experience of life.

When I object to the experience I am subjected to, I experience resistance, intensity & drama.

I am the cause of my own objectionable objections.

When I subject my Self to problems, objection is the subject of my experience.

When objects are the focus of my life, I get lost within the material world of physicality.

When subjects are the focus of my life, I get confused by my need for power over other people.


Descension is a journey into Life.

At the birth of my life, I descend into a dual reality world of relative opposites.

It is an experience of conflicting opposing energies that I have chosen to explore & discover in physical life.

From my descension into a pit of negative suffering, I ascend a mountain of positive opportunities.

Ascension & Descension are a duality on the rollercoaster of life.

Descension into duality allows the opportunity of finding balance through neutrality from the dramas of physical life.

It is an opportunity to discover, explore & experience who I choose to be in a reality that I have really chosen to be in.

Descension is the opportunity to bring Heaven down to Earth.

It is the opportunity to live in peace in a world of conflict that can be a real Hell.

Fighting The Odds

Fighting the Odds is a battle of competing fortunes.

It is a battle between fortune & misfortune.

I am competing to win when the odds are against me.

This is neither an even fight nor a level playing field.

It is a dual reality drama that is without balance.

When the odds are even, life is in balance.

When my life is in balance, I have inner peace & there is no conflict.

In an even fight, there is no clear winner.

When the odds are against me, the chances are that I will lose.

My only weapon is my will power.

I fight the odds with the will to win.

Nobody ever has the will to lose, they just lose the power to win.

When life is a battle of competing fortunes, I am at the mercy of my fate.

When I bring my life into balance & declare peace in my world then providence prevails and the fight is over.

Good Intentions

Intentions are always Good.

Nobody ever intends to do anything bad from their perspective.

However, in a dual reality world, intentions can be seen as good or bad.

Whether an intention is good or bad is relative to the perspective of the individual.

What is good for me can be bad for you and vice versa.

We are often seen to do bad things from the best of intentions.

Other people appear to do things wrong, from their best intentions.

Do-Gooders have the intention to do good.

They do not always succeed in their intention.

What they believe to be a good intention may not be in the best interests of those who are receiving it.

How can we ever know what is best for other people when most times we do not know what is best for our Self.

When what I experience is not in my best interests, I see the intention as bad or even evil.

Nobody has evil intentions, although their actions may be judged to be extremely wrong or intensely bad.

Intentions are always intense actions.

They can be either intensely good or intensely bad, depending on one’s point of view.

Life & Death

Life & Death is a duality.

The dual reality of life & death is relative to individual perspective.

I can see life as happening to me, by me, through me or as me.

I can also see death as something that happens to me, by me, through me or as me.

When I see death as something that happens to me, it can be accidental, suspicious or natural.

A doctor certifies the cause of death and a coroner is appointed to determine the cause of a suspicious or accidental death.

When I see death as something that happens by me it is called suicide.

An assisted suicide is called euthanasia.

When I see death as something that happens through me, I am approving, allowing & accepting that my journey through this lifetime is complete.

My vision, mission & purpose in life is fulfilled.

When death occurs as me, I choose my time & place to pass on to my next life in my eternal journey of the Soul.

Three Laws of Dual Reality Life

1st Law of Duality

“Resistance experienced is relative to the degree that an emotional state of being is out of balance”

The more that an emotional state of being has a balanced wavelength of gender with a balanced frequency of polarity, the less intense the resistance that is experienced.

2nd Law of Duality

“Where resistance is caused by the opposing aspects of the same energy vibration, there is always a third way that cancels out any dramatic effect”

Dual reality allows choice, which always allows a third option to be available. Whenever opposing forces of the same energy vibration are experienced, there is always a balance between the extremes of the two experiences.

3rd Law of Duality

“The intensity and the extent of a dramatic effect is caused by the degree of conviction with which a particular belief is held and the emotional need that is created by it”

Duality allows choice that allows a belief to be true or false, good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative with male or female characteristics. False convictions are called fears or limiting beliefs that disconnect our emotional energy supply and create our emotional needs and our negative reactions to dramatic experiences.

The More I Give!

The More I Give, the more I receive.

This may be true, yet it may also be untrue.

Giving & receiving and more & less are both a duality.

A relative duality is not an absolute truth.

It is the experience of a dual reality world where both truth & untruth exist.

Attraction is an absolute law, not a relative law.

Like energy is drawn unto itself, absolutely.

It is the energy with which I give & receive, more of or less of, that determines the focus of my attraction.

My kindness may attract either generosity or envy, as will my envy either attract jealousy or kindness.

I will get more or less of whatever I give depending on the vibration of my intention.

It is the magnitude of my appreciation and my approval of the emotion with which I relate to another that is most attractive, not the amount that is being given or received.

What is being given & received is always less important than who I am being whilst the transaction is occurring.

The more of my Self that I give is relevant, how much I give is not.