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Anticipation & Expectation

When life happens by me, I expect it to arrive.

Whatever I cause to happen, I expect to happen.

Whenever it fails to happen, I am disappointed.

When life happens to me, I live in hope that I won’t be disappointed.

When life happens by me, it also happens by others.

When I expect others to deliver life as I want it, I am often disappointed.

When life happens through me, I allow it to also happen through other people.

It allows other people to deliver beyond my wildest expectations.

When I anticipate life happening through me, it does.

Balanced anticipation is joyful.

Joyful anticipation is more powerful than intense expectation.

Intense expectation can result in intense disappointment.

Just feeling joyful anticipation empowers it to arrive.

Expectation & disappointment are the opposing positive & negative polarities of my joyful anticipation.

Vagrance & Extravagrance

Vagrance is the state of having less than enough.

It is being in scarcity with too little of everything.

A Vagrant is one who has few possessions & no permanent home.

They have less than is the norm in their society.

A Vagrant may be a wanderer but a wanderer or a Nomad may not be a Vagrant.

Extravagance is the state of having more than enough.

It is being in gluttony with too much of everything.

A glutton is one who is extravagrant in lifestyle & material possessions, not just food.

It is having much more than what their society considers to be enough.

Both vagrance & extravagrance are judgments made by others about others.

No one ever considers their self to be either vagrant or extravagant.

We are all attempting to experience life the best way that we know how, considering our circumstances.

Absent & Present

Absent & Present are opposing states of personal reality.

What is present in my life can be absent from yours and vice versa.

It is an objective matter of personal perspective.

Something is present in my reality when it has been pre-sent.

Whatever is required for my journey through life is pre-sent by my Soul.

It is the Soul’s present to its Self.

Something is absent from my reality because it is either not required or it is apparently missing.

When something is apparently missing, it appears to be absent.

It may appear to be absent because I am failing to see it or realise its manifestation.

It is always my choice of perspective to see something as present or absent.

My choice is relative to the presence or absence of my emotional power.

It is my personal emotional power that determines the presence or absence of my connection to my personal provider, my Soul.

Life & Death

When Life & Death are a duality, I am forced to choose between them.

Life decisions become a life or death reality.

When I put death in opposition to life, I live a long & lingering death.

When I put birth in opposition to death, I experience a long & enjoyable life.

When life is a triality with birth & death, I have a beginning & an end to life with a great experience inbetween.

When Life is a triality of Love & Light, I have the physical ability to access my emotional power & my mental authority.

Without the power of love & the authority of light, I experience a hell of a disconnected life.

My ability to live well is relative to the light of my empowered love for life.

My death is the end of a life-time that has fulfilled its purpose well.

Life & Death

Life & Death is a duality of Life.

Absolute Life is eternal.

Life & death are the beginning and the end of a specific reality called a life-time.

A specific reality is a journey in space & time.

A journey in space-time-reality lasts for a life-time.

I start my journey at my birth and arrive at my destination at my death.

The end of my journey is inevitable as I cannot fail to arrive.

Life is a choice and I choose every life-time.

I can live an inspired & fulfilling life or I can survive a slow & lingering decline until my eventual death.  

When I am attached to my life, I will fear death.

Being detached with my life enables me to love every minute of my journey.

Love & Lust

Lust is my male energy of wanting.

Love is my female energy of needing.

I would love to have whatever meets my emotional needs.

When I balance my yin & yang, I realise that there is nothing that I want or need.

I want & lust after what I believe that I physically need.

I love & value what I believe that I emotionally need.

What I need and have emotionally has value for me.

What I want & lust after physically has value for me.

Neither wanting nor needing has true value for me.

There is true value in the gratitude & appreciation of having everything that I want & need.

I cannot truly love my life when there is something that I need.

I do not truly love life when I am lusting after what I believe that I want.

Wanting & needing are a statement of ‘not having’ that attracts the experience of lusting for love or wanting what I think that I need.




Pride & Humility

Pride is the male energy of being outstanding.

I stand out when I am proud.

I am proud of standing out from the crowd.

Humility is the female energy of not standing out.

It is the modest way of not being outstanding.

It sees the best way as the modest way.

Being modest is the best way to be outstanding.

Modesty sets me apart from the crowd that is trying to be outstanding.

Humility is being proud of not being proud, which is the best way.

Standing out from the crowd is an achievement.

Being at one with my soul is an attainment.

My soul expresses humility with pride because pure energy has no division by gender.

Being at One with my Soul is the best way.