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Attaining Humility

Humility is the quality of attaining outstanding balance in my personal attributes.

When I attain a balanced state of being that is attributable to my Self, I express humility.

Humility is an expression of the congruency of my emotional energy.

When I express my pride, I express only the male gender of my energy.

When I express my modesty, I express only the female gender of my energy.

Attaining humility requires the female aspects of my emotional energy to be in alignment with the male aspects of my emotional energy.

When the yin & yang of my energy vibration are in alignment, I attain humility.

Humility means earthly ability.

It is the ability of my Self to live in physical existence as my Soul.

It is therefore, the ability of the Soul to live on Earth as its Self.

When my ego Self has no ego sense of Self, only the essence of my Soul, I attain humility.

My Journey to Contentment

My Journey to Contentment is beyond my comfort zone.

Within my comfort zone, I see discomfort as a problem and I feel displeased.

Being comfortable pleases me but does not satisfy me.

There is pleasure but no joy.

Being satisfied is a challenge.

Failing the challenge disappoints me.

Fulfilling the challenge satisfies me.

Fulfilling an opportunity allows my Contentment.

Contentment is a joyful opportunity for fulfilment.

My fulfilling journey has no dissatisfaction, no disappointment and no expectation; just my meeting a satisfying challenge that allows my opportunity for contentment.

My joyful journey has no discomfort, no pain and no pleasure; just the appreciation of extending my comfort zone and approving who I am.

My journey of contentment overcomes the pleasure & satisfaction of my comfort by accepting the gift of joy & fulfilment of an expansive life.

A Triality of Divine Attributes

Divine Attributes are a triality of my Spirituality.

My Spirituality is an expression of my physicality, my mentality & my emotionality.

My physical ability is relative to my emotional power and my mental authority.

In alignment with my Spirituality, divine attributes always come in threes.

They are always an expression of my spiritual power, authority & ability.

Examples of divine attributes are Being:

Content, Fulfilled & Joyful
Accepting, Allowing & Approving
Gentle, Good & Graceful
Enabled, Inspired & Empowered
Omnipresent, Omniscient & Omnipresent

The triality of divine attributes means that they have overcome the dramas of relative dual reality existence.

A state of being that is without the drama of an opposing duality is always divine.

Divine Attributes

Divine Attributes are any emotional state of being that I experience as being Divine.

A state of being is divine when it connects my Self to my Soul.

When my emotional state of being is attributable to my Soul, it is divine.

When my state of being is attributable to my ego Self, it can be less than divine.

A divine attribute connects me to my source of emotional power, my mental authority & the potential of my physical ability.

My Soul is my source of power, authority & ability.

My Soul connection is always a divine experience.

When my state of being is attributable to the ability of my Soul’s power & authority, it is a divine experience.

Divine Attributes are the highest expression of my Self and are in alignment with the vision & purpose for my life.

Being Ideal

Being Ideal is being who I choose to be.

It means that I choose the cards that I deal for my Self.

When I choose my cards, I choose my experience of life.

I choose the cards to play and I play the cards that I have chosen.

My Soul has already chosen my cards.

The cards that I have chosen for my Self are ideal.

When I choose not to accept what is dealt to my Self, I will have to deal with the consequences.

Life is only a raw deal when my perspective is out of alignment with my Soul.

Experiencing an ideal life requires my state of being ideal.

To be in an ideal state requires me to see life from the perspective of the Dealer.

Seeing my Soul as the Dealer is ideal for my Self.

Being Accepting

Being Accepting is the realisation of my emotional power and my mental authority as a gift to my Self.

When I allow my authority and approve my power, I accept my true ability.

My true ability is disabled by my inability to accept it.

My self esteem is a measure of the ability that I see in my Self.

My self esteem enables my ability to be realised.

My esteemed ability remains a potential, until I accept it as my reality.

When my true potential remains unrealised, I tolerate and endure my present experience of life.

When I accept my true potential and make it real, my present reality is presented as a gift to my Self.

Whatever I am unable to accept, I will forever tolerate.

I can only accept what I approve and I allow.

When I approve my allowance, I accept it as a present, as it is presented, in each and every present moment of my reality.



Being Approving

Being Approving empowers my emotional energy.

My emotional energy is my power, when I approve it to be so.

When my emotional state of being is powerful, I approve of my Self.

Being approving connects my Self to my true source of power.

Connecting my Self to my true source of power requires my approval of who I am being.

Disapproving of who I am, disempowers me.

My self worth is a measure of my emotional power.

It is the value to my Self of who I am presently being.

States of being that disempower me cannot serve me and have no value.

My most valueable state of being always has my approval.