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Ability & Potential 

Ability & Potential are gender opposites.

They are the male & female aspects of a reality that is both physical & spiritual in nature.

Ability is the nature of physicality.

Potential is the nature of spirituality.

Physical ability aligned with spiritual potential allows creativity to flow with integrity.

Potential ability is relative to a force of authority with a magnitude of power.

My physical ability is a mental force of authority empowered by a magnitude of emotion.

When the magnitude of my emotional feeling is aligned with the force of my mental thought, the potential of my physical ability is enabled.

Physical reality allows spiritual potential to be realised.

Spiritual ability is just a potential until it is physically enabled.

The physical ability to realise spiritual potential is called creativity.

The creative potential of spirit is realised through the power of imagination that is the potential of all physically enabled human beings.

Freedom & Control

Freedom is a magnitude of female power flowing in space.

Control is a force of male authority causing entropy in time.

Will power is the force of a male ego in authority.

The male ego seeks the power to control at will.

The female ego nurtures the spirit of freedom.

An unbridled free spirit is empowered.

Controlling spirit disables its authority & disconnects its power.

The thoughts of the Soul flow freely, unless they are controlled by the thinking of the Self.

The Soul is free and allows the Self to free itself from control.

The ego seeks to set itself free by being in control.

The Soul is in control, whether the Self sees itself as free in life or enslaved in life.

Being free, being controlled or being free to control others is the choice of the ego’s perspective.

As a Golden Rule: When I seek to control others, others seek to control me and when I allow others their freedom, others allow me mine.

Mind Power & Heart Power

The Power of my Mind is mental will.

The Power of my Heart is emotional inspiration.

Inspired emotion empowers my action.

When my intention is an aspiration, I will need will power to motivate my Self.

My will power is determined by the conviction of my beliefs.

The more that I am driven by my beliefs, the more I am driven by my emotional needs.

The more mind power I will need, the less heart power that I have.

Empowered inspiration comes from my Soul at the heart of my Being.

This is the source of my inspired intention.

I am inspired by my Soul to fulfil my destiny.

The power of my mind will determine my fate.

The more determined I am, the more convicted my mind is to my fate.

My heart is the source of my Soul’s power.

I am connected to my heart power when I am being inspired.

I am empowered when I am expressing the true nature of my Soul.

I am disconnected from my source by the powerful mind of my egotistical personality & character.

What my Will will Be, will be my fate or my destiny.

Assist Or Help

I Help someone to try to do what they are failing to achieve.

I help others to solve their problems & meet their challenges.

Nobody ever needs any help to take their opportunities.

Though, they may need assistance to see their best course of action is an opportunity.

I can use my experience & knowledge to help other people to live life my way.

This will never assist them on their own path.

Nobody ever needs any help to get off track.

Assistance may be necessary to get someone back on track.

I Assist someone by hearing their messages.

I assist someone to connect to their own power.

I assist them to see their own direction.

I assist them to clarify their own intentions.

I assist someone to see what is right for them.

I assist them to know intuitively their right choice.

I may give advice to help another or I can advise another to see their path with my assistance.

An Assitant always follows the choice of the Master.

A Helper tries to lead the way by helping.

Right & Good

Right is a beneficial Cause.

Good is a beneficial Effect.

Right actions cause good effects.

Wrong actions cause bad effects.

The Right Way is the beneficial path for my Self, which is good for me.

My ego Self discerns the right way for itself based on my sub-conscious beliefs that are founded on my past experiences.

My Soul guides its Self on a beneficial path of expansive growth.

From my Soul’s perspective, there is only the path of goodness & righteousness, which the Self is here to learn & experience.

From the ego’s perspective there appears to be a wrong path, which causes bad & detrimental effects.

The Soul continues to send the same learning experiences for its Self until the ego chooses to change its perception of what is Right & Good from the perspective of Love & Light.

The Soul knows that wrong & bad fears & false beliefs attract in life wrong & bad experiences.

This is right & good for the Soul to have the learning opportunities for the expansive growth that it seeks for its Self.

Cause & Create

I Cause an effect.

I Create a creation.

I am the creation of a Creator.

I effect a cause.

I can be the creator, the creation or both.

I can be both the creator of the creation & the creation of the creator.

I can be the cause or I can be the experiencer of the effect.

I am the cause of my own experience.

My experience of the effect, affects the cause.

How I perceive the cause affects the effect & the outcome.

The cause is the focus of my perspective based on my belief about the outcome.

A good cause causes a good outcome whereas a bad cause does not.

The effect is how I perceive the experience.

Creativity is never bad.

An experienced Creator does not cause either a good or a bad effect.

I cause an effect when I do not see my Self as the creator of the experience.

As the Cause, I experience the effect, one way or another.

As the Creator, I am the creation of my own way.

Every creation is created with good intent.

In absolute reality there is no bad Creator & there is no wrong Intent.

In relative dual reality, every good cause can have a good or a bad effect.

Cause & Effect is a creation of the Creator.

Principle & Principal

A Principle is a basic belief or assumption.

Principles are the beliefs assumed by families to be their truth.

A Principle is a simple belief that a family believes is simply true.

Families stand on their principles because their beliefs form the foundation of what they believe to be true.

Principally, whatever we believe to be true becomes the truth of our reality and our experience.

A Principal is the one that is ranked highest in importance.

The Principal assumes the starring role.

It is being the chief in rank & leading others that follow.

The Principal of the Family upholds the family Principles.

The Head of the Family determines the beliefs that the family holds as their truth.

It is the Principles of the Principal that determine the reality of each family’s experience.