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A Life Path Experience

A Life Path Experience is the Spiritual Journey of my Destiny.

It is a physical life, along a mental path, as an emotional experience.

A mental or emotional life along a physical or emotional path as a physical or a mental experience is my fate.

It is not the spiritual journey of a life path experience that is my destiny.

A physical path as a mental experience is about what I do & what I achieve in life.

A mental path as a physical experience is about what I have & what I accomplish in life.

An emotional experience along a mental path in a physical life is about what I spiritually attain.
When I overcome the emotional experiences of life I disconnect from my spiritual path.

My destiny is to attain the mental fulfilment of conscious-awareness of my emotional states of being joyfully happy that I experience in the contentment of my physical life.

I learn who I am when I discover why I am here in my Life Path Experience of the spiritual journey that is my Destiny.

Co-Incidence & Synchronicity

Co-Incidence happens to me.

A co-incidence is an unexpected or unexplained event that happens by chance.

A beneficial chance event often happens to me co-incidentally in an unexplainable way.

An expected normal event is an incident.

An unexpected super-normal event is seen to be a co-incidence.

Synchronicity happens through me.

Life flows effortlessly through me with synchronicity.

I am in time & intimately experiencing what is occurring.

I am synchronised with my vision for my life & my destiny.

Synchronicity allows me to intuitively see that I am on track.

This allows Providence to be my provider.

When life happens by me, my ego self is the provider.

The proviso is that I provide for my Self, myself.

When life happens to me, providence is a co-incidence.

When life happens by me, providence is a proviso.

When life happens through me, providence is synchronistic.

When life happens as me, Providence is an everyday reality.

A Life Path

A Life Path is the path I follow when life happens through me.

A strategic plan will determine my dedication & commitment to my chosen fate.

My life path is the path along which my destiny unfolds.

It is my destiny to allow, approve & accept my path as my own.

My life path leads to my destination.

When I travel through life on my path, life happens through me.

When life happens to me or by me, I appear get off track.

It is my fate to be off track as a positive experience.

It is my doom when I see being off track is a negative experience.

My life path is illuminated by my vision for my life.

My vision for my life identifies its purpose.

When on my path, I am fulfilling my purpose & my life is being fulfilled.

It is filled full of opportunities for my personal growth.

My Life Path is my Soul’s journey through life for its Self.

It is a journey of the Self, chosen by the Self that is guided by the Soul.

An Epitome

An Epitome is one aspect of who I am.

It is a quality attribute that I have attained.

It is a small reflection of my perspective.

It is an expression of my core belief.

It is a statement of my faith in my Self.

It is a revelation of my essence.

It is one part of an epic tome that is the story of my life.

It is an extract from my Book of Life.

It is a moment of light that shines through space & time as my reality.

As the epitome of my Soul, life is divine.

My Soul is the epitome of my Self.

It is the epitome of all that is Good.

My vision, mission & purpose for my life is revealed as the epitome of my destiny.

My epitomes are revealed in intuitive messages of inspired revelations, as signposts on my journey through life.

A Spiritual Journey

A Spiritual Journey is an individual, unique & exclusive experience.

Every spiritual path is unique.

Every spiritual traveller is an individual.

Every spiritual vision is exclusive to each individual traveller on their unique path.

An exclusive vision is an individual & unique perspective of one’s own spiritual journey.

When I know my life vision, I know my spiritual path.

In the absence of a vision that is uniquely, individually & exclusively mine, I am a seeker of the truth.

My vision illuminates my true path, as your vision illuminates your true path.

There is not one truth to universal consciousness.

There are many different perspectives of the one version of Consciousness.

Consciousness has created many different perspectives of its Self that are each experienced as a unique & exclusively personal reality by each individual Self.

A Spiritual Journey is the experience, exploration & discovery of one’s own unique, exclusive & individual vision for this life-time.

An Ascending Master

An Ascending Master is mastering ascension.

Ascension is a process of spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual enlightenment is the physical ability to connect to personal mental authority & emotional power.

The more ‘in light’ I become, the more emotional power I am able to access & the greater my ability to fulfil my potential.

Light is authority and the more authority I have the more creative power I have available and the greater my ability to create my own reality.

The journey of an Ascending Master is that of an Initiate.

An Initiate is one who initiates with initiative the steps that are required to ascend the path of enlightenment as an ascending master.

The ego Self is in service to the Soul as the Soul’s Initiator on Earth.

Many egos remain unawakened & unaware of the their Master and their Master’s path of Ascension.

In actual reality, we are all ascending masters on a spiritual path of Ascension.

This is the Grand Plan.

An Initiation

An Initiation is the start of a new beginning.

The initial Initiation is birth.

Birth is the beginning of a new life-time.

The 2nd Initiation is when I start to think for my Self.

Thinking for my Self involves challenging my limiting beliefs, owning my core beliefs & allowing pure thoughts to flow through me.

The 3rd Initiation is when I start to become aware of my emotional Beingness.

I discover, explore & experience the source of my emotional power and its potential in physical life to eliminate my sub-conscious need for emotional power.

The 4th Initiation is when I start to take responsibility for my super-conscious competence, capacity & capability to live the vision for my life on purpose.

I bring my ego sense of Self into alignment with the destiny of my Soul.

The 5th Initiation is when I start to create my ideal reality and experience the idyll of that reality as both the Creator & the Creation.

I start to realise that I am both the Ascending Master & the Initiator.