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My Insane Controller

My Insane Controller is my sub-conscious Id.

It is deemed to be insane when it reacts extremely irrationally.

The id panics when emotional energy becomes very low.

Panic attacks are an irrational effect of a rational cause.

When facing an intense energy drain, the id panics & over-reacts in an irrational way to restore emotional balance.

Emotional balance requires balanced emotional energy.

To regain emotional energy, the id creates a drama to control other people and gain their emotional support.

My Insane Controller assumes the role of either a Poor Me or an Intimidator.

As a poor me, the id gains emotional support through sympathy.

The Id receives sympathy relative to the degree of physical or mental illness being suffered.

Insanely, the id sees illness as being emotionally beneficial when it elicits sympathy from others.

When sympathy is not forthcoming, the id resorts to intimidation & threats to secure the energy that it needs.

Treating the id with apathy will be seen as intimidation by an intimidator.

The insane controller is not thinking rationally.

The more emotionally needy the id becomes, the more insane the control drama that it creates for its Self.

The insane controller refuses to be controlled.

It will only respond to compassion & empathy.

Bullying & Nagging

Bullying is the control drama of the Intimidator.

The Intimidator is a villain who attracts a victim called a Poor Me.

Bullying is an active extrovert form of intimidation that can be a physical or a mental abuse that steals emotional energy from its victim.

Nagging is the control drama of the Interrogator.

The Interrogator is the villain that causes their victim to become aloof.

Nagging is a passive introvert form of interrogation that is equally abusive in the way that it steals emotional energy from its victim.

Poor me is a defence mechanism that counteracts bullying.

Aloof is a defence mechanism that counteracts nagging.

Both control dramas are how we sub-consciously compete with other people for our emotional energy.

Becoming conscious of our own control drama is an opportunity for personal growth.

Patient & Carer

Patient & Carer is the role play of the victim & the hero.

The hero is the one who rescues the victim from the villain that is their victimhood.

The victim & the villain is the dual reality drama of the intimidator & the poor me.

The hero is the one who makes a victim of the villain.

The carer’s role is to help the patient survive their victimhood.

The carer does not have a cure and does not know the cause.

Their reward is in meeting their own need to be needed.

A need to be needed drives the need to care for others.

The Carer is as much a victim of their need to be needed as the Patient is a victim of their need to be cared for.

Patient & Carer is a co-dependent relationship.

The Drama of the Poor Me

The Drama of the Poor Me is Humbleness.

Humbleness is:

  • Patience without faith
  • Meekness without authority
  • Humility without confidence
  • Temperance without health
  • Fortitude without wealth
  • Prudence without wisdom
  • Pleasing without power
  • Unselfishness without a mission
  • Service without a purpose
  • A journey without a vision

Humbleness is related to the 7 religious virtues that ensured subservience to the universal church, which are:

  • Humility, Kindness, Poverty, Caring, Pleasing, Meekness, & Diligence.

The Drama of the Poor Me will always attract an Intimidator.

The Drama of the Intimidator

The Drama of the Intimidator is Arrogance.

Arrogance is:

  • Pride without humility
  • Greed without humbleness
  • Wrath without meekness
  • Anger without patience
  • The Vanity of false self-worth
  • The Assertiveness of false self-confidence
  • The Will-power of false self-esteem
  • The Hubris of old-fashioned pride
  • The Avarice of old-fashioned greed
  • The Bigotry of old-fashioned wrath

I cannot have too much self-confidence, but I can have too much arrogance.

  • Arrogance with wrath is false self-confidence
  • Arrogance with greed is false self-worth
  • Arrogance with pride is false self-esteem

Arrogance is the confidence that I have in my ego self. With the confidence of my ego self, I become egotistical and arrogant.

My Self can only be truly confident when I confide in my True Self – my Soul & Inner Coach.

My Soul is Truly Confident with no degree of arrogance or humbleness that over-balances the other.

The Drama of the Intimidator always creates a Poor Me:


A Victim of my Own Interrogation

Criticising, condemning & complaining are the three negative reactions to my being the victim of a drama.

It is the action of one or all three negative attributes that expresses my own victimhood.

When I am the victim of someone’s lack of power, I will complain.

When I am the victim of someone’s lack of authority or bad choice, I will condemn them.

When I am the victim of someone’s lack of ability, I will criticise them.

My criticism is often tinged with sarcasm and cynicism.

My condemnation is the result of my judgment, blame and retribution.

My complaint is often seen as nagging, gossip or moaning.

The intensity of my criticism, condemnation and complaint will determine the extent of my victimhood as will the degree of my victimhood determine the extent of my complaint, my condemnation and my criticism.

I will always be a Victim of my own Interrogation and my own Control Drama.


How the Interrogator Competes for Emotional Energy

Criticising, condemning & complaining are three ways that the Interrogator competes for emotional energy.

By criticising the actions of another, I undermine their ability, which makes me superior to them.

By condemning the authority of another, I make them wrong, which makes me right and better than them.

By complaining about who someone is being, I make them bad, which makes me out to be good.

I complain when someone is bad and not good.

I condemn when someone is wrong and not right.

I criticise when someone is not doing things properly.

It is my need to be good, right and proper that drives me to criticise, condemn and complain.

I reflect onto others the poor standards that I cannot accept of my self.

My criticism, condemnation and complaint about others is due to my own lack of power, authority & ability in my self.

It is because my self-worth is not good, my self-confidence is not right and my self-esteem is low that I feel inferior to other people.

Being an Interrogator is the sub-conscious drama that I employ to try to rectify my own negative appraisal of my Self.