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Being Consciously Aware

I am conscious of my physical reality.

I am conscious of my journey through a physical realm that can be experienced as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative.

My perspective of my physical world has a polarity.

Polarity allows my ego a choice of perspective.

I am aware of my energetic spiritual reality.

I am aware of my emotional journey through a physical realm that has a male or female, masculine or feminine, yin or yang perception.

My perception of my physical world has a gender.

Gender allows my id a choice of perception.

I am consciously-aware of my pure frequencies of thought transmitted on harmonious wavelengths of emotion.

Being consciously-aware allows my connection to the inner peace of my Soul.

At peace with my Self, I experience a conscious-awareness of feeling in balance & harmony with who I really am.


Awareness is the state of knowing who I am.

It is being aware of who I am being.

It is the combined experience of my physicality, my emotionality & my mentality as my spirituality.

Being conscious of my awareness allows my Self to know my Self.

My Soul is pure Consciousness.

It becomes aware of who it is through its Self.

My Self is divided by consciousness & awareness.

It can be self conscious without being self aware.

When my Self becomes aware of its Soul as the Soul is aware of its Self, I attain conscious-awareness.

Awareness is the consciousness of my Soul and the Consciousness that is my Soul.

Pure Consciousness seeks full awareness of its Self.

A disconnected ego is conscious of its Self without being aware of its true Consciousness.

A self-conscious self has no awareness of its Self.

Expansive Growth

Expansive Growth is the development of Consiousness.

As Consciousness grows it expands.

As Consciousness expands it grows.

Consciousness expands & grows through the awareness of its Self.

Being Self-aware is the essence of expansive growth.

Duality allows Consciousness to be aware of its Self through being conscious.

It allows physical consciousness to have a spiritual awareness or not.

Conscious & aware become a duality when they are no longer a single entity or singularity.

Triality allows consciousness, awareness & conscious-awareness.

It allows a conscious mind to have both sub-conscious & super-conscious awareness.

It allows Consciousness to be subjective, objective or adjective.

Consciousness develops its Self through its own self development and the expansive growth of the Soul.

The Perspective of the One

The Perspective of the One is Oneness.

Oneness is the Singularity of All That Is.

It is without Individuality.

It is the Divinity of the Divine One.

It is the Ultimate Intention.

The ultimate intention is the Divine Plan to experience Divinity through the physical & spiritual experience of its Conscious & Unconscious States of Beingness.

The Divine seeks to experience its own Divinity through four distinct aspects of its Self.

Its sub-conscious physical Self – the Id.
Its conscious physical Self – the Ego.
Its super-conscious spiritual Self – the Soul or spirit ego.
Its supra-conscious spiritual Entity.

When all four levels of Consciousness come into alignment they co-operate as One and become at one with the singularity of Oneness.

From the perspective of Oneness, One is All & All is One and One is All That Is, all that was and all that ever will be.

The Perspective of the Spiritual Entity

My Spiritual Entity is Sovereign.

It is a Sovereign Entity with its own part to play in the Universal Experience of Life.

It sees the Big Picture of Everything as a Grand Design.

It sees all three aspects of my Self as One.

It is omniscient, omnipotent & omnipresent.

It is pure imagination.

It is the Captain of my Ship of Consciousness.

It is an Individual Creative Spark of All That Is.

It has a Super Vision for the Divine Plan.

An Individual Aspect of God that is a Sovereign Entity.

A Divine Perspective that can create whatever it can imagine.

It is the combined consciousness of my ego, id & entity.

It is my Conscious-Id-Entity.

It is my Supra-Conscious Self.

The Perspective of the Spiritual Ego

The Spiritual Ego is my spiritual sense of Self.

It is my awareness of being a spiritual Being.

It is me being Mindful.

I call my spiritual sense of Self, my Soul, my Higher Self, my real Self or my True Self.

My Soul knows my vision, mission & purpose for my life.

It is always in full awareness of my destiny, even when the physical ego is unaware & unawakened and following my fate.

Disconnected from my spiritual ego, I follow my fate or my doom, my fortune or my misfortune with varying degrees of luck or chance.

The perspective of my spiritual ego is beyond the dual reality of space & time.

There is no paradox, there is no problem, there is no fear and there is no conflict from the perspective of my spiritual ego.

It sees only the bigger picture of Life.

However, it does require the alignment of my physical ego, to achieve its goals, accomplish its skills and attain its attributes to expand & develop my spiritual success.

My spiritual ego has the awareness and my physical ego has the conscious ability.

Together they co-operate with conscious-awareness of all that is.

The Perspective of the Physical Ego

The Perspective of the Physical Ego is that of my conscious sense of Self.

It is my perspective of who I believe my Self to be.

The ego has a finite choice of seemingly infinite possibilities of who it can be.

How my ego sees itself is a reflection of my sub-conscious programming.

My physical id & my physical ego work together to make sense of a seemingly senseless world.

My conscious sense of Self seeks for my Self to make sense.

It seeks comfort & security from a seemingly insane world.

The physical ego needs to see itself as sane.

It does this by comparison with what all other people deem to be normal behaviour aligned with common beliefs.

The fear of being abnormal disallows my perspective of a non-physical existence.

The physical ego sees itself as a physical human being having a physical experience called life.