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A Strategy

A Strategy is part of a strategic plan.

It is how I deliver items on my agenda.

My agenda is my list of what I need to do to get to where I want to be.

My strategy is my plan of how I determine that I will get there.

When life happens by me, I have an agenda and I will need a strategy to determine how I will achieve it.

When coaching someone from to me mode to by me mode, I help them plan their strategy.

The coaching skill of strategising identifies where they are now, where they want to be & how they choose to get there.

A strategy requires determination, dedication & commitment to deliver it.

When life happens through me, the only strategy is to have no agenda, no to-do list & no agenda.

I Can Be

I Can Be whatever I choose to be.

This is a role that I play with a personality & a character of my choosing.

I Can Be whoever I choose to Be.

This is an emotional state of being that I attribute to my Self.

An attainment is a state of being that I attribute to my Self.

Before I can choose an emotional state of being, I first have to attain that state of being so that I can consciously attribute it to my Self.

When I attain an attribute of quality it has creative emotional power.

I express the quality of my emotional potential through my expression of who I am being.

I can explore all aspects of my male & female gender through my personality.

I can discover all extremes of the polarity of my positive & negative characteristics.

I can experience pure, natural, prime & divine aspects of who I really am.

I Can Be who I really am or I can make up a character with a personality for the role that I am playing currently in my life.

I Can Have

I Can Have whatever I imagine to be mine.

Whatever I can imagine is already mine, has the ability to manifest into my conscious reality.

As time is relative to space & power is relative to authority, where & when it materialises is the question?

My ability to manifest the dreams of my imagination is relative to my emotional power.

My emotional power is relative to my mental authority.

For my manifesto to be made manifest requires the agreement of all three of my minds.

Aligning my sub-conscious, conscious & super-conscious mind accesses the supra-conscious mind of my Creator.

Being a Master Creator requires my alignment with my Creative Source.

When Me, My Self & I are all in agreement, we are at One with our Creation.

I connect to my Divine Creative Source with my imagination.

When I dream the dreams of my Soul, I put my Soul’s creative power into action.

I can have whatever is in alignment with my Creative Genius.


I Can Do

I Can Do anything that I put my mind to, depends on which mind I put to it.

Doing anything requires ability.

The conscious mind is just the observer of the experience of an action.

It is the sub-conscious mind that acquires the ability & the skill to act consciously & instinctively.

My sub-conscious mind first learns a skill & then through conscious practice I learn to master the skill.

All physical skills enable capability.

My capability to do, requires both mental capacity & emotional competence.

Emotional competence is a super-conscious attribute.

Emotional power is relative to super-conscious authority.

Super-conscious power comes with the true value of mastering a skill with an attainment.

Without the authority of the super-conscious mind, the power to continuously practice a skill relies on the efforts of the conscious will.

I can do what my Soul inspires & empowers its Self to do effortlessly, expansively & masterfully.

Be, Do, Have

Many people confuse who they are being with the role that they are playing.

The role that I am playing is what I am doing not who I am being.

When I am being a Coach, I am playing the role of a coach, which is what I am doing.

In my confusion be-do-have becomes do-have-be.

My belief is that when I do coaching well & achieve the role of a great coach, I will have everything that I need and I will be happy.

This belief has no power because it is focused on my role as a coach and not on my emotional state of being happy.

When I am being inspired, empowered, enabled & happy, I have the power, authority & ability to do coaching well as a great coach.

My state of being is not only powerful, it is also authorised with inspiration and enables my ability to do my coaching well.

My emotional state of being allows me to have all my true values fulfilled and to do great coaching.

A great coach is emotionally empowered, which comes from the coach’s state of being not from their title or the role that they believe that they are playing.


Three Stages Of Coaching

There are Three Stages of Coaching required to attain an effortless life.

Stage One requires a Mentor.

A Mentor’s role is to guide and support the client to become problem-free.

Stage Two requires a Therapist.

A Therapist’s role is to clarify the client’s challenges.

My challenges are my own unique set of fears, limiting beliefs & emotional needs.

Once I have challenged all my limiting beliefs and met all my emotional needs, I become pain-free and I become fear-free.

Stage Three requires a Tutor.

A Tutor’s role is to clarify the student’s opportunities.

Pain, fear & problems are all challenges to be overcome before my opportunities can be seen clearly.

Before I can clearly see the direction of my opportunity, I am required to hear my messages.

A Tutor hears the messages that align the client with their effortless path in life.

A Tutor

A Tutor is a level three coach.

A Personal Tutor never teaches.

A personal tutor facilitates the learning of their student.

A tutor asks the questions that reconnect the student to their own answers.

A teacher answers questions whereas, a tutor asks the questions.

A pupil requires the answers from their teacher.

A student requires the questions from their tutor.

When the tutor asks the right question, the student already has the right answer.

A teacher works with rational knowledge.

A tutor works with intuitive knowing.

A tutor requires both rational & emotional intelligence.

It is my spiritual intelligence that connects me to my Inner Tutor.

It is spiritual intelligence that allows the tutor to connect their student to their own Inner Coach and intuitive guidance system.