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Right & Wrong

Right is what other people have told me is beneficial for me.

What other people believe is right for them, they believe to be right for me.

Wrong is what other people believe will be detrimental to them.

Other people are only interested in what they believe might be detrimental to them.

As long as whatever I am doing is not detrimental to other people, they really have no interest in what I am doing.

Other people are generally not interested in whether what I am doing is right or wrong for me.

They only take an interest in what I am doing when they believe it to be wrong because it will be detrimental to their experience of life.

Without the fears & concerns of other people, there really is no right or wrong; just my choice for my Self.

A God Given Right

God is by definition the Creator of this world.

We all live in a relative world of right & wrong.

God, whoever God is, created the world & the ability to be right or wrong.

The ability to be right is therefore God Given.

So is the ability to be wrong.

God created Man with the ability of choice.

It is the relative dual reality world of God’s Creation that allows choice.

It is the ability to choose that allows both right & wrong.

I always choose what is right for me.

Choosing not to have what is wrong for me is also a choice.

Whether anything is actually right or wrong is a matter of individual perspective.

My judgment of what is right or wrong, for myself or others, is purely down to my perspective of how I see life.

I was not born with the right to be right, only the right to my own choice.

It is my God given right to choose that allows my Self to make a right choice or to perceive my choice to be wrong.


Ambivalent is the state of being lost & confused about which choice to make.

It is the state of being stuck in a duality where neither choice is inspiring.

Duality causes ambivalence.

I am stuck in an ambivalent world of relative dual reality when neither choice of direction makes sense or appears to benefit my Self.

I am ambivalent about being both the victim & the villain.

I am ambivalent about being both arrogant & humble.

I am ambivalent when choosing between gluttony & scarcity.

I am ambivalent when confronted with both wrath & meekness.

Both patience & impatience cause me to be ambivalent.

The choice between a terrorist or a freedom fighter causes me to be ambivalent.

My ambivalence extends to both leaders & followers.

However, when I follow my own lead and choose a third way, my ambivalence disappears.

One Attractive Question

‘When’ is a question of time.

The answer is ‘now’, there is no time like the present.

‘Where’ is a question of space.

Right ‘here’ is perfect right now.

‘Why’ is a question of clarity.

With clarity in the here & now, I am never lost.

‘What’ is a question of providence.

Providence always provides.

‘Which’ is a question of choice.

The more options I have, the less clarity I have.

‘Who’ is a question of emotional power.

The creative power of Attraction is emotion.

‘How’ is with the power of attraction.

Without attraction, the question is how?

With attraction, the how is irrelevant.

When ‘who’ is the character of a role that I play, it has no emotional power.

When who I am is a powerful state of being, it is very creatively attractive.

The One Attractive Question is: Who am I Being, here right now, clearly attracting my providence.

The Golden Choice

The Golden Choice is to Be unto others as you choose others to be unto you.

This allows the Law of Attraction to flow beneficially into our personal reality, by choice.

Like energy is drawn unto itself either by choice or by default.

Other people are a reflection of the state of being that I am expressing.

To share a pure state of being with others requires me to express that state of being to others.

Expressing impure emotional states of being attracts opposing states of being emotional in others.

Attracting opposing expressions or genders of emotion is not always seen as attractive.

An emotional awareness of being in balance is required to make a golden choice.

Golden choice requires inner peace.

With inner conflict, duality ensues and the intensity of the dramas of opposing emotional genders.

Conflicting thoughts cause a polarity of perspective and disallow my golden choice.

In a dual reality world of conflict, we do unto others as others have done unto us, which only causes continued chaos & disaster.

In a triune reality of personal conscious-awareness every choice is golden.

The Authority Of Choice

The Authority of Choice is my empowered authority.

The authority that empowers me is my authority of choice.

My Soul is my authority of choice.

It is empowered by my heart.

When I choose with my heart, it is empowered by my Soul.

When I choose with my will, it is motivated by my ego Self.

When I am motivated, not empowered, I am using my will power to get whatever I am choosing.

An authorised choice flows effortlessly into my reality.

Will power is required to overcome the entropy & inertia caused by my unempowered choice.

An authorised choice feels good.

Feeling good empowers my choice and allows the authority of choice to flow freely & effortlessly into my reality.

The Ability To Choose

The Ability to Choose is inherent as we all have choice.

We all have choice but we don’t all have the ability to choose.

The physical ability to choose requires mental authority & emotional power.

When I mentally disallow my choice, I am incapacitated & unable to choose.

When I am emotionally disempowered, I am incompetent to choose & make an incompetent choice.

When I am neither authorised nor empowered, I am incapable of choosing as the capacity to make a competent choice is missing.

When I am lost, I lose the capacity to choose.

When I am confused, I lack the competence to choose.

When I am frustrated, I am unable to choose with clarity, direction & presence.

With clarity, I have the power; with direction, I have the authority & with presence, I have the ability.

I am enabled by the physical capability of my mental capacity & my emotional competence.