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At Choice

At Choice is a state of being.

Being at choice is accepting what is already chosen.

It is a personal choice of perspective.

It is my perspective that is at choice.

I always have a choice of perspective.

I can allow my choice or disallow my choice depending on my perspective.

My perception determines whether I approve what is occurring.

My perspective determines whether I accept what is occurring.

With my approval, allowance & acceptance of what is happening, I am at choice.

With approval, I choose to accept my allowance.

At choice, my allowance is approved & accepted.

An Ideal Life

My Ideal Life is ideal for me.

Being Human allows the experience of an ideal life.

An ideal life allows the experience of what it is to be human.

Being Human is a choice of experience & an experience of choice.

You are free to choose your ideal experience of life, or not.

My ideal life may or may not be your ideal choice of your life experience.

That is why life on Earth is ideal.

It allows all possible ideal experiences to exist as a potential, waiting to be consciously created & experienced by anyone & everyone, separately or together.

We each have our own unique, individual & exclusive path in life – choice in life – ideals in life – values in life – attainments in life – vision, mission & purpose in life.

And that I believe is Ideal and the benefit of :

“Being Human”


An Ideal Attainment

An Ideal Attainment is a personal state of being that ideally, I have consciously chosen for my Self.

It is ideal because I deal it for my self.

An ideal is a big deal that I choose by myself for my Self.

I attain an ideal state of being by consciously being able to choose it as ideal for me.

An ideal attainment is ideal for me when it connects me to my own source of emotional power and allows me to experience what I truly value.

I experience the value of the attainment as ideal for me.

I attain the value of my ideal experience.

I value the experience of my ideal attainment.

It is an attainment that is ideal from which ever way I look at it.

It allows my attainment of an ideal life.




Appreciation is the fulfilment of my development & growth.

I appreciate as I develop & grow.

As I appreciate my development & growth, it appreciates.

Whatever I appreciate appreciates & grows.

As I appreciate my well-being, it appreciates & grows.

As I appreciate my happiness, it appreciates & grows.

Being In Appreciation is the feeling of fulfilment & expansive growth.

This is my path, my vision, my purpose & the essence of my journey in life.

The attainment of appreciation allows the fulfilment of my destiny.

Fulfilling my destiny allows the feeling of being in appreciation.

It is the feeling of really being alive on purpose.

I cannot fail to appreciate the fulfilment of my path.

It is the purpose of my life.

In Gratitude

I am In gratitude for everything that I already have.

What I already have is what has already been provided.

My gratitude is my feeling of contentment of having the abundance of enough.

I am in gratitude for my contentment.

I am in gratitude for my abundance.

I am in gratitude for my experience of having enough.

I am in gratitude for my allowance.

I am in gratitude for my provision.

The feeling of gratitude has the power to attract more of the same.

Whatever I am in gratitude for, I put into my future.

It is my affirmation of wanting what I already have.

When I am being accepting of what I have, I attain gratitude.

Acceptance is the gateway to being In Gratitude.




Equilibrium is the state of being in balance.

Attaining Balance is the 3rd way out of any duality.

The third choice absolves & overcomes any dual reality drama.

Equilibrium is the triune reality of being in equality, in equability, & equanimity with all things.

To be equal with all others, I am first required to be the equal of my Self.

My Self is equal to the potential of my Soul.

My Soul exists in perpetual equilibrium.

I am the pendulum that explores, experiences & discovers my inner & outer balance.

When I balance my inner world, my outer world comes into equilibrium.

When I align with my Soul and become equal to my Soul’s potential, I vibrate in balance & equilibrium.

In Equilibrium, I am in tune with my Self, in harmony with others and it is my experience that we are all equal.



Abundance is having enough.

When I have enough of everything, I have abundance.

Being abundant is knowing that there is always enough.

There is an abundant sufficiency of everything.

Just enough is not enough.

It is not enough, but it is the way towards abundance.

Just enough lies on the path between not enough and enough.

Just enough is the gateway to abundance.

When I appreciate that there is just enough, enough just appreciates until it becomes enough.

To have enough, I am required to first be abundant.

To be abundant, I know that there is abundance, I feel the abundance of life & I see the the unlimited abundance of the universe.