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Common Courtesy

Common Courtesy is an oxymoron.

Courtesy is not common.

It is the standard of behaviour expected in the court of a King.

The subjects of a King always behave courteously in court.

Common courtesy is called respect.

Courtesy & respect are opposing genders of the same energy vibration.

Respect is a male, rational & authorised choice.

Courtesy is a female, emotional & empowered expression.

Both are positive attributes.

Discourtesy & disrespect are both negative attributes.

A King exercises authority over the court by commanding its respect.

Exercising power over the court, demands the courtesy of the court.

The respect of the common people gives the king authority.

It is the court that empowers the King to rule with authority over the common people with courtesy but disrespect.

Being Fair

Being Fair is having a balanced perspective.

A balanced perspective sees things as equal.

I am equal to something when I am in balance with it.

Giving & receiving is fair when it is in balance.

Sharing is fair when it is equal.

When something is unequal, it is out of balance & unfair.

In a dual reality world everything is relatively out of balance.

Nothing is fair until I bring it into balance.

Being fair overcomes the duality of being selfish or unselfish & giving & taking.

It accepts a situation without either tolerance or intolerance.

It approves of a situation without either patience or impatience.

When I allow all aspects of my experience to be equally in balance, life is fair enough!

Being Acknowledging

Being Acknowledging is accepting that we all have our own path to follow.

I acknowledge my path as mine and another’s path as their own.

Acknowledging another’s path allows my approval of their journey on their path.

I allow others to follow their path without any resistance from my Self.

I acknowledge that everyone has chosen their own path.

Acknowledging another’s path allows them to affirm & attest their path as their own.

I acknowledge life witout making judgments.

Acknowledging has a knowing of what is personally right without any judgment of what is good or bad.

When I acknowledge another’s path, I allow them to acknowledge my path.

Acknowledging is my allegiance to what I know & allege to be my truth.

In Accord

Being In Accord is a state of neutral harmony that allows inner peace.

Inner Peace is in accord with the nature of the universe, with the universal mind and with universal love.

With neutral harmony, I am in accord with my Soul.

My Soul is ever in accord with Universal Consciousness.

Being in Accord requires the agreement of my Self to follow the path of my Soul.

In accordance with my path, I fulfil my destiny.

Fulfilling my destiny is designed to be an effortless experience.

The universe flows effortlessly creating a reality in time & space.

My reality is designed to flow effortlessly through time & space in accord with the universal nature of everything.

When I approve my reality, allow it to unfold & accept everything that occurs in each moment as a gift, I am in accord with my life.


Likeliness is the power of potential.

The potential of power is its likeliness.

Likeliness is the potential to manifest.

Probability is the measure of expectation.

I expect something relative to its probability.

With likeliness, I intuitively know what is occurring.

Like energy unto itself is drawn.

The Law of Attraction is a certainty, not a probability.

Knowing the likeliness of attraction is a certainty not a probability.

I realise potential with the likeliness of my knowing.

Opportunities for growth are ever likely to appear.

When I see the likeliness of an opportunity, I realise its potential power.

Likeliness has potent power & the real potential to manifest opportunity.

Being In Obeyance

Being in Obeyance is following the guidance of my Soul.

My Soul leads & I intuitively follow.

Being in obeyance approves my power & allows my authority.

Accepting whatever is present and is presented enables life to flow effortlessly to me.

In obeyance, there is no disobedience and no need for motivation because I am ever inspired & empowered.

I am in obeyance of my vision, my mission & my purpose.

I am in obeyance of my truth.

I am in obeyance of life.

Life is always in abeyance when I am in obeyance & allowing it to turn up.

I am in obeyance of every opportunity to experience life.

Being Safe

Being Safe is being accident free.

It is knowing that nothing happens by accident, always by design.

What turns up in my life is always an opportunity being delivered, never an accident.

Opportunities are always safe, never a problem.

Being safe is being care-free.

Being care-free is being problem free.

When I am problem free, I have no need to take care of my problems and no need to be careful.

I need to be careful with my problems not my opportunities.

Being safe is being on purpose.

When I am being on purpose, I am fulfilling my destiny.

My fate may be unsafe but my destiny is ensured.

Being on purpose, I see the reason for everything that is occurring.

On my path, I am always protected.