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I Don’t Want

I Don’t Want is my ego rejecting an opportunity for growth.

It is putting a boundary in place by asserting what is unacceptable.

I don’t want is a statement that I do not choose this in my reality.

Not wanting something is a negative choice based on a belief or a fear that it is not good for me.

Focusing on what I don’t want will attract it into my reality.

I always attract the focus of my thoughts.

The way to not choose something is not to give it another thought.

Joy is the feeling that something is powerful enough to manifest as my reality.

Anxiety, fear or dread also have the power to manifest what I believe that I don’t want.

I choose to focus on the beneficial qualities of what I already have not the negative qualities that I don’t want.

Attraction Happens

When Attraction happens to me:

I am either the victim or the beneficiary of what I am attracting.

When bad thoughts occur to me, bad things happen to me.

When good thoughts appear to me, good things happen to me.

When Attraction happens by me:

I get some of what I want and I get some of what I don’t want.

Whether I ask or not, I get what I need but not everything that I want.

It always depends on the emotional power of my thinking.

My positive feelings attract positive outcomes but my negative fears attract negative outcomes.

When Attraction happens through me:

I allow everything that I need to manifest.

I am in gratitude for everything that I have.

I appreciate everything that turns up.

I know the quickest way to have everything I need is to want for nothing.

When Attraction happens as me:

I am the Creator of my own ideal life.

My ego & my Soul are in alignment.

Pure Attraction

Pure Attraction is the experience of Beauty.

Beauty is the purity of Attraction.

Pure Attraction is charming, enchanting & magical.

The purity of my authority is enchanting.

The purity of my power is charming.

The purity of my ability is magical.

Impure attraction may appear pleasing, endearing & captivating but it breeds greed, trickery & manipulation, which are ugly.

Impure attraction causes dependency & unattractive attachments.

It seeks power or authority from others or over others.

Enchanting authority is never manipulative.

Charming power is never greedy.

Magical ability is not trickery.

Pure Attraction is developmental & expansive, never divisive.

It is full of Beauty, never ugly.

Paradox & Oxymoron

A Paradox is when two opposing realities apparently exist within the same time & space.

It is caused by two opposing perspectives of the same energy vibration.

The paradox of attraction is that: ‘like attracts like’ & ‘opposites attract’.

One perspective sees undivided pure energy vibrations in a state of attraction.

The opposite perspective sees opposing energy genders & polarities that are divided, attempting to re-unite and become whole.

An Oxymoron is where two similar realities cannot exist within the same time & space.

Non-attraction cannot be unattractive.

Energy is either unattractive or non-attractive, it cannot be both.

Therefore unattractive non-attraction & non-attractive unattractiveness are both oxymorons.

I may not like unattractiveness but some how I am still attracting it.

I may not attract what is non-attractive but I may still like it.

Sensual Attraction

Sensual Attraction is the attraction of similar polarities of emotional thought co-existing in harmony.

The natural state of energy is to be in balance.

Balanced energy flows effortlessly without resistance or conflict.

When emotional energy is positively or negatively out of balance, it seeks the neutrality of a charge neutral state of being.

A positively intense energy charge is grounded by a negatively intense energy charge.

A negatively intense energy charge is earthed by a positively intense energy charge.

A harmonious intensity of life requires a balanced polarity of energy to be earthed & grounded.

This requires a relationship to have a mutually balanced perspective of thoughts & beliefs.

Couples with similar views and the same perspective are interested in each other.

They are attracted to each other by their similar minds with like polarities of thought energy.

It is a meeting of minds that is evident with sensual attraction.

It is the experience of physical emotion that is evident in sexual attraction.

Sexual Attraction

Sexual Attraction is the attraction of opposing genders of the same energy seeking to become whole.

A wavelength of emotion, that is divided by gender, constantly seeks to become reunited & whole.

When the wavelength of my emotion is either male or female in character, I seek its opposing gender characteristic in order for it to be reunited & feel complete.

When opposing genders of emotional energy reunite, an experience of blissful union is mutually enjoyed.

A strong male characteristic will develop an emotional need to connect with its opposing female aspect.

A strong female characteristic similarly seeks to reconnect with its opposing male aspect.

The more synergy that male & female characteristics have, the less attraction is evident.

As couples in a sexual relationship harmonise over time, sexual attraction between them becomes less evident and they become less sexually attractive to each other.

As time passes, a relationship originally based on sexual attraction often becomes less sexually attractive and more sensually attractive.

Why The Law Of Attraction Appears Not To Work

1. I am listening to my ego’s will, not my intuitive Self.
2. My willingness to learn is in question.
3. My willingness to change is compromised.
4. My action is not aligned with a balanced emotional thought. I see a problem not an opportunity.
5. My competence is not super-conscious.
6. I haven’t mastered the above 5 basic requirements.
7. I don’t feel good enough or worthy enough.
8. My intention is not in alignment with the essence of who I am being.
9. My emotional needs are not met.
10. My limiting beliefs have not been challenged and changed.
11. I am not orienting my life around my true values.
12. I am not following my vision, mission & purpose for this life-time.

When I feel good enough, life flows effortlessly and synchronistically and I know that the Law of Attraction is seen to work.