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Respect is about how I see Life.

When I see life as a problem, I am using my sense of physical sight only.

I see all the problems & imperfections of who I am as a physical being.

I need people to respect who I am to value my Self as worthy.

When I feel unworthy of life, I need other people to respect me for who I believe that I am.

When I re-look at who I am as a spiritual being, I know who I really am with my intuitive sense of seeing.

I re-spect my Self when I re-look at who I am being in my spiritual reality.

I realise that other people can only respect the aspects of my Self that I love & respect myself.

When I see life as an opportunity, I see all the opportunities in my life and I have great respect for life.

When I respect life, life has great respect for me because how I look at my life determines how I experience my life.

When I see life in a way that is respectful, I no longer need respect from other people because life looks after me.


Credible means believable.

When I believe my own beliefs, I am credible.

I believe my own beliefs when I own my own beliefs.

When I own my own beliefs, I am living a credible life.

A credible life follows a uniquely individual & exclusive path.

When following my own inner guided path, I am living an incredible life.

My inner credibility comes with my core beliefs that are my absolute truth.

With inner credibility, I connect intuitively with unconditional faith in my path.

With credibility, I believe in my Self as my Soul believes in its Self.

I am living the credible truth of my Soul.

The presence of my Soul allows my clarity & direction on my path.

Following my credible path allows an incredible life to unfold.

The transparency & accountability of my Soul allows my Credibility in life.


Accountable means being able to account for one’s experiences in life.

I am accountable only to my Self when I follow my own path of destiny.

I am accountable to other people when I follow their path and my fate.

I am accountable when I am able to account for my life.

When my Book is balanced, I am accountable.

I account for my life when I know my vision, mission & purpose is my account of my life.

When I live my mission in life with purpose in alignment with my vision, I deem my Self accountable.

When my life is fulfilled with true value, I am accountable for my actions & my experiences.

I hold my Soul accountable for my direction in life.

My Soul accounts for each step that my Self takes in life.

The Law of Attraction is my Chief Accountant.

My Soul is the Author of my Book of Life. 

The Books are balanced with the Golden Rule.

I am the unsung hero of my life.


Transparent means that there is nothing blocking the Light.

Being transparent is allowing one’s light to shine.

It is my shadow that blocks my light.

Being in the shade of my shadow is being disconnected from the authority of pure Light.

Pure Light is pure thought that emanates from a super-conscious Mind.

Being transparent allows pure super-conscious thought to flow through my Self.

When my Light flows through me, I am being transparent.

Thought is being communicated across from my parent entity to my ego Self.

Everything in life becomes trans-parent & clear when I am connected.

It is my impure thinking based on my linear beliefs & programming that blocks my light, causes my disconnection & puts me in the shade.

Without transparency, I am a shadow of my true Self.

Clarity, Direction & Presence

Clarity, Direction & Presence are the three attainments that allow me to follow my path.

They are also the three attributes that allow a coaching client to follow their path.

I listen, clarify & empower my coaching clients to follow their own path through life with clarity, direction & presence.

Presence focuses the client in the present moment of time & the flow of life.

In the gap of space that is opened, I hear the client’s messages with clarity.

Clarity allows the client to see their direction as a present that is presently presented.

When the client intuitively sees their direction, they are empowered to accept it as an opportunity.

Direction is the authorised choice that is always empowered in the moment.

A moment of present emotional power allows a clear direction to unfold with clarity, direction & presence.

Neutral Harmony

Neutral Harmony allows a state of Inner Peace.

Inner Conflict is a drama that is caused by the polarity & gender of personal energy.

The more out of balance the gender & the polarity of my emotional energy, the more intense the dramas that I experience.

The more dramatic the intensity of my emotional energy, the more out of balance I am and the more inner conflict that I experience.

Inner conflict attracts the drama of conflict in my outer experience of the world.

Harmony neutralises conflict.

Harmony is the balance of my male & female emotions.

When I harmonise my male & female energy, they come into balance.

Neutrality harmonises conflict with peace.

In a neutral state of being, I am neither intensely positive nor intensely negative.

When I neutralise my polarity & harmonise my gender, I attain inner peace.

Personal Attainments

Natural Attainments:

  • The Happiness of Joy, Fulfilment & Contentment
  • The Wellbeing of Health, Wealth & Wisdom
  • The Growth of Kindliness, Gentleness & Grace

Divine Attainments:

  • The Validity of Approval, Allowance & Acceptance
  • The Vitality of Awareness, Alertness & Awakeness
  • The Aliveness of Clarity, Direction & Presence

Prime Attainments:

  • The Integrity of Equanimity, Equability & Equality
  • The Authenticity of Credibility, Empathy & Honesty
  • The Humility of Compassion, Transparency & Accountability

All the above attainments require & determine the personal quality of:

  • An Exclusive Connection to Source
  • A Sensitive Detachment with Others
  • One’s Emotional Rationale with Self
  • The Power, Authority & Ability to live Life Well.