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Who A Buddha Is!

A Buddha is one who is enlightened.

An Enlightened Being is one who is connected to their Spiritual Light.

Spiritual Light is the wisdom of inspired revelation.

The wisdom of inspired revelation is intuitive thought from the higher Mind within.

My source of wisdom is my super-conscious higher Mind.

Buddha means Higher Mind.

The Higher Mind is the pure Light of Enlightenment.

Inspirational Thought is the Light Energy of the Soul.

The perspective of my Soul is the focus of my Higher Mind.

Soul connection is achieved through an intuitive alignment called enlightenment.

A Buddha is one who is in intuitive alignment with their Soul.

I intuitively see the spiritual Light on my Path, when I intuitively know in my mind & intuitively feel in my emotions.

Being enlightened is feeling, knowing & seeing my chosen spiritual path in life.

A Buddha is one who reveals to their Self, their own vision, mission & purpose for this lifetime.

What I intuitively know to be right because it intuitively feels good for my Self, is my next step on my spiritual journey of corporeal life.

A Buddha is one who was once lost but is now found, was once confused but now has clarity and is now without the frustration & drama that was preventing their Presence in Life.

A Buddha Presence is the emanation of an Enlightened State of Being.

Why Democracy Is In Crisis!

Democracy is in Crisis because a ruling intellectual elite group of people have reasoned that the common people cannot reasonably govern themselves.

Democracy means government of the people by the people.

Democracy is in crisis because the majority of people do not choose to be governed the way they would choose to govern other people.

Democracy is in crisis because a freely elected government believes its role is to control people with a justice system enforced by the legislation of laws that enslave people to an elitist system.

Democracy is in crisis because the government is trying to control the people instead of managing the crises in the health, education & financial system.

Democracy is in crisis because a two party system will always be in opposition instead of agreement.

Democracy is in crisis because the government is decided by party politics, not the will of the people.

Democracy is in crisis because all political parties are financed by a ruling intellectual elite group of people.

Democracy is in crisis because the freely elected members of parliament are denied a free vote in parliament.

Democracy is in crisis because the House of Peers & Lords, who do have a free vote, are elected by a ruling intellectual elite group of people.

Democracy is in crisis because of Capitalism.

Capitalism is how a ruling intellectual elite group of people own & control the Banks & Corporate Businesses that manage all the essential services that are consumed by the common people.

Democracy is in crisis because in Government, there is no transparency, no accountability, no creative imagination & no wisdom.

Democracy is in crisis because there is no Global Vision that allows a Common Purpose for all the People of the World.

Why The Education System Is In Crisis!

The Education System is in crisis because it teaches intelligence without wisdom, knowledge without reason & definition without meaning.

The education system is in crisis because instead of being a system that educates people, it is a system that educates people into a system of education.

It is a system that is flush with knowledge but devoid of wisdom.

The education system is in crisis because it teaches intelligence, which is knowledge, without intellect, which is reasoning.

In an education system that sees the Teacher as an Intellectual and the Student as the recipient of the teacher’s intelligence, there will always be a crisis of confidence.

Students can have no confidence in the intelligence of the Teacher without the intellectual capacity of reasoning.

Without meaning, reason & purpose, intelligence makes no sense.

Unless the student has a reason to understand the purpose & meaning of their education, it has no value to them.

The education system is in crisis because it offers little value to the majority of children, even though their parents have been educated to believe that it has great value for all children.

The education system is in crisis because it is designed purely to secure people a job in the workplace rather than defining the meaning & purpose to individual lives.

It serves the benefit of an intellectual controlling elite governing body of employers by determining whether a student is employable in the workplace or not.

The education system is in crisis because it is a rational system devoid of emotional intelligence & creative imagination.

Until our educators can imagine a creative system designed for the development of each individual student, the education system will remain in potential crisis.

Why The Health Service Is In Crisis!

The Health Service is in crisis because it is an illness service, not a wellness service.

The health service is designed to treat the sick, not serve the healthy.

The health service is in crisis because it cannot cure illness as it can only treat the symptoms of illness, not the cause.

The health service is in crisis because people are generally being compensated for being victims of life, as well as being victims of a health service.

The health service is in crisis because the government is taking responsibility for its people’s health, instead of the people being responsible for their own well-being.

The health service is in crisis because it is being financially driven by the pharmaceutical companies to provide their healthy profits.

The health service is in crisis because the people believe that they need a health service to make them better.

The health service is in crisis because the more we focus on ill health, the worse our health becomes.

In a healthy Health Service, people are guided & supported to connect to their own innate well-being.

Illness & wellness are a duality that allow a choice on the pathway to the well-being of good health.

A Health Service that promotes wellness aligns people on their pathway to being well, not becoming well.

A health service that promotes the prescription of pills & potions for profit is just a legalised drug dealer.

A health service that suppresses acute illness until it becomes chronic is a critical path to eventual death.

The health service is in crisis because it has no critical path to being Well.

Why The Financial System Is In Crisis?

The Financial System is in crisis because it operates on debt, not on credit.

Instead of managing people’s credit, it is managing people’s debt.

Instead of managing a Nation’s assets, it is managing a Nation’s liabilities.

Trying to solve financial problems eventually leads to financial crisis.

The financial system is in crisis because of the belief that money makes us wealthy and the belief that money gives us power.

Because of these beliefs, the majority of the world is poor and powerless to change a system that supports an elite minority of rich & powerful people.

Money is a currency of exchange that allows the purchase of other people’s services.

A financial opportunity is when money is spent wisely to the benefit of both the purchaser & the seller.

A financial crisis occurs when the financial system is used to manipulate & control the mass population of the people.

Saving money is based on a belief in scarcity, which is more beneficial for Banks than it is for its Investors.

When the Banks run out of money, a financial crisis is imminent.

The financial system is in crisis because of inflation.

Too much inflation leads to crisis and too little inflation leads to crisis, which is a lose-lose situation.

Nobody in the financial system can ever agree how much inflation is enough.

In a healthy financial system, when the cost of other people’s services never rises, the cost of my services remains the same, as costs are never inflated.

In a healthy financial system, no inflation is enough inflation.

In a healthy financial system, the role of the Banks is to manage people’s credit, not people’s debt.

The challenge of a financial system is to give the financial opportunity for all people to have enough.

When governments print money to allow the financial well being of its people rather than to service the financial debt of its people, there will never ever be a crisis of either money or confidence.

Lending money at interest promotes debt & the financial growth of the lender.

Lending money without interest promotes the financial growth of the borrower.

When the financial economy is based on lending, financial crisis in business is inevitable.

When all business is based on interest free borrowing, financial growth is inevitable.

What A Crisis Is!

A Crisis is a point in space-time-reality when chaos is about to become a disaster.

A disaster occurs when chaos is totally out of control.

A world that is out of control is most people’s common reality.

Most people live in a dramatic reality of controlled chaos.

When I lose control of the chaos, life is a disaster.

Life is chaotic when I am trying to manage my problems.

The more I focus on solving my problems, the more problems that I attract.

The more I focus on managing a crisis, the more critical the chaos becomes.

A crisis is an enforced turning point in life.

I am forced to take a different direction when faced with a disaster.

A crisis is a matter of perspective.

What I see as an imminent disaster is just one too many apparently unsolvable problems.

When I overcome a critical problem, I avert a crisis & avoid a disaster.

The one critical problem in life is seeing life as a problem, by being critical of life.

When I give up criticising, condemning, complaining & all other negative judgments, there is no problem in life; just the challenge of seeing only opportunities.

Life is never a problem when I have the emotional power to meet every challenge.

I am challenged by life to expansively grow as a spiritual Being.

Expansive spiritual growth is always an opportunity in life.

A crisis is the opportunity of a new direction that is offered by a turning point in life.

There is every opportunity to change a false perspective of a chaotic reality into a clear perspective of an ideal reality.

A crisis is averted when I stop having problems and learn my lessons that meet my challenges and open the door to the opportunities of an effortless life.

My every signpost in life directs my Self on a choice of path that leads to either effortless opportunities or leads to eventual disaster.

The polarity of my personal thinking always determines the direction of my path through life.

The path through life is very acute.

Too many problems & life becomes chronic.

Too many crises and life becomes critical.

What Intelligence Is!

Intelligence is knowledge, information or data.

The ability to access our store of knowledge, information or data is believed to be intelligent.

This is really our ability to randomly access memory.

However, the ability to access memory without the intellect to use it well is not seen as being intelligent.

We appear to live in an educated world where intelligence without intellect is not very intelligent.

Intelligence is useless without the ability to use it wisely.

Intelligence is widely taught and measured in schools, without wisdom.

Intelligence without wisdom is a flawed intellect.

Intelligence with wisdom has three levels of attainment.

Contrary to popular belief, intelligence is not mental, it is physical, emotional or spiritual.

Physical Intelligence is conscious knowledge of the physical world.

We all gain physical intelligence of the world through our five physical senses.

Emotional Intelligence is informed awareness of the energetic world.

We all gain emotional intelligence through the experience of our emotional feelings.

Spiritual Intelligence is conscious-awareness of the absolute reality of everything.

We all intuitively see our connection to our spiritual Source with our intuitive feelings & our intuitive sense of knowing.

Being Intelligent requires the effortless ability to randomly access our store of physical knowledge, emotional information & spiritual data instantly.