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Pro-Activity is pro-active action.

Pro-active action is planned activity.

It is deciding in advance what action to take.

Pro-activity plans future action.

An action plan is pro-active.

It plans for pro-activity.

Planned activity is designed to be beneficial.

No-one plans for detrimental action.

Pro-activity follows a belief that without planning, things can go wrong.

It avoids reactive action, which is sub-conscious & instinctive.

Pro-active action is consciously planned.

Pro-activity excludes an intuitive response & unconscious competence.


Festivity is festive action.

The festive season is a time of gratitude & joy.

Every season is an opportunity for festivity.

With festivity, life is a feast of experiences waiting to be experienced with joy.

Festive action celebrates life.

It feasts upon the experiences of life.

Every action is a celebration of life.

It presents life as a present in each present moment of festivity.

At festive times, we give thanks and we give presents.

We are in gratitude for the allowance & the providence that is received in each festive moment.

Festivity requires presence.

Presence allows festivity to be festive action.


Expressivity is expressive action.

Expressive action presents who I am being.

The action of doing anything allows the expression of who I am being.

Expressing who I am requires expressivity.

The quality of my actions expresses the quality of my beingness.

Without expressive action there is no way of expressing my feelings.

Expressing my feelings allows my emotional experience of life.

It allows me to know who I am being.

Life is an emotional experience when I express my feelings through whatever I am doing.

Expressivity allows me to see who I am in relationship to what I am doing.

It allows me to be an expression of my Self through whatever action I am taking.


Inactivity is too little action.

Too little action is caused by low emotional energy.

Highly intense negative thinking causes inactivity through fear of taking action.

A low magnitude of emotional energy is caused by a disconnection from source energy.

No authority equals no emotional power.

Low self-worth & low self-confidence cause low self-esteem and inactivity due to low emotional power.

Inactivity can be just temporary idleness, the laziness of being demotivated or the sloth of being disempowered.

Too little action is never beneficial.

The right amount of action is just enough to allow life to effortlessly flow.

Just enough action is always enough to ensure my allowance.


Reproductivity is being actively reproductive.

Actively reproducing reproduces continuity and a continuously active reality.

Reproducing offspring ensures the continuity of a species.

Continuity of beliefs causes & reproduces a continuous reality.

I reproduce my reality according to my beliefs about my reality.

Gratitude is my power to reproduce my present reality as my future reality.

Appreciation is my power to reproduce more of my ideal experience in my future.

My limiting beliefs & fears continue to reproduce limitation & danger as my reality.

I reproduce my reality in alignment with the power of my emotional state of being.

My negative beliefs reproduce negative experiences.

My positive beliefs reproduce positive experiences.

Pure thoughts reproduce balanced experiences.

I reproduce my physical experiences in alignment with my mental beliefs and my emotional power.


Overactivity is too much action.

Too much action drains emotional energy.

Action requires emotional power as well as physical activity.

Emotional power enables physical action to be active.

High intensity power burns out quickly.

Balanced emotional power has a greater magnitude of energy.

Overactivity is not authorised because it is not emotionally balanced.

To be empowered action needs to be authorised.

Overactivity & under-activity are never authorised.

Action flows when it is effortless.

Overactivity causes entropy, inertia & resistance and invokes Murphy’s Law of what can go wrong will go wrong.

A positive intention has potential without intensity.

Intense activity is overacting.

The need to achieve, accomplish or attain success is the usual cause of overactivity.

To much action is not idle laziness but it is slothful.


Productivity is productive action.

It is the action of producing produce.

Productivity produces a material outcome.

Performing tasks efficiently & effectively is productive.

Inefficiency is ineffective & counter productive.

Skills & accomplishments allow tasks to be carried out well and production to be productive.

I cannot produce the goods unless I first proceed with action.

Productivity is the action required to produce goods.

Good productivity produces good products.

It is the process of taking action that makes productivity productive.

By taking appropriate action, I produce a product by means of my productivity.