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A Super-Abundance

A Super-Abundance is a surfeit or a glut.

It is having more than enough of anything.

I cannot have more than enough of a good thing.

More than enough is too much, which is not a good thing.

Abundance is the natural state of the Universe.

The natural state of the universe is abundant energy.

The energy of abundance can be experienced in an abundant number of ways.

Abundance is enough of everything, I cannot have too much.

I cannot have too much of a pure experience.

I can have a super-abundance of an impure energy, an impure experience or an impure emotion.

I can have too much positive or negative energy.

I can have too much male or female energy.

A super-abundance of emotional energy can be overwhelming or debilitating.

An intensity of emotion that is not in balance & equilibrium can be too much to endure.

In a dual reality world, abundance is a pure emotional energy whereas super-abundance is an intensely polarised experience.


Economy is how I manage my provision.

With a scarcity mentality, I see my provision as limited.

A limited provision needs managing carefully & frugally.

Extravagance is seen as luxury not as economy.

Economy is for the lower classes when first class is reserved for the elite.

Even the rich & privileged class need to manage their assets carefully and ensure they are managed economically when they have a scarcity mentality.

With an abundance mentality, I do not need to manage or control an allowance that is delivered by providence.

I just allow it to manifest in divine time & in divine order.

I know that my allowance is provided as long as I maintain my abundance mentality.

An economic outlook sees scarcity or gluttony, never abundance.

More Or Less Than Enough

In my past, I had a choice between surviving on not enough or being comfortable with more than I needed.

In my future, I can choose choose between things being scarce or having plenty.

In my present, I can experience the poverty of too little or the extravagance of too much.

I can choose the gluttony of wanting more than enough or the frugality of having less than enough.

Whether I choose survival or comfort, scarcity or plenty, poverty or extravagance, gluttony or frugality, too much or too little, not enough or more than enough; I will not ever have enough.

A scarcity mentality will always see-saw from having too little to having more than enough.

From being a millionaire to becoming bankrupt.

A billionaire who is still chasing money does not have enough and is still in a scarcity mentality.

A pauper, who is happy & content with what they have, has an abundance mentality because they always have enough.

It is my thoughts of gratitude & appreciation for the abundance that I have that creates my abundance mentality and the abundance that I am experiencing.

Enough Contentment

Having enough allows my contentment.

Being content requires my having enough.

Enough is a definite amount.

It is the amount of everything that I need to feel content.

Contentment has no limit.

There is no limit to my feeling content.

Unless that is, my contentment is a measure of what I have.

When my contentment is a measure of what I have, my discontentment is a measure of what I do not have.

Contentment is not something that I measure but something that I feel & I experience.

When I feel content & I experience contentment, there is nothing else that I want or need.

I will never be content by wanting enough.

I will only ever have enough when I feel content.

Being content is a choice of my state of being, not an amount.

It is being happy with everything that I already have.

Enough To Get By

Enough to get by is sufficient but not enough.

Enough to live well is abundance.

When abundance is enough, sufficient is not enough.

Insufficient is not enough to get by.

Sufficient is enough to get by.

Abundance is enough to live well.

Enough is a statement of my contentment.

When I am fully content, I have enough.

I am not content to get by.

Sufficient is not enough.

It is not enough to live well.

It provides a living but not an ideal life.

In my ideal life, I have enough not sufficient.

Sufficient for my needs is not enough true value in my life.

Abundance is a true value.

Being sufficient with enough to get by only meets my needs.

Until my needs are met, I cannot live my true values.

I must first be self-sufficient before I have enough.

Abundance Is Enough

The Universe is Abundant.

There is no scarcity in the universe as all possibilities exist.

The universe is infinite & eternal, it never runs out.

There is provision for everything, even scarcity.

Whatever can be imagined can be manifested.

There is no shortage of matter, even though there may be a shortage of imagination.

The only scarcity is in the mind of the experiencer.

The experience of scarcity exists as a duality of the experience of gluttony.

Both are perspectives of a divided mind.

I cannot have abundance and not have enough.

I cannot have too much abundance.

I cannot have enough and be without something that I need.

An Abundant Universe always provides enough, never too little and never too much, although I may perceive my provision any way that I choose.

I can choose scarcity, gluttony or an abundance of enough.

Just Enough

When there is Just Enough, there just is enough.

There just is the present moment of now.

There is only ever enough right now.

Right now, just enough is enough.

Just enough is not enough for the future.

When I live in the future, there just isn’t enough for now & then.

When I live in the duality of now & then, the present & the future, I will have too much or too little but never enough.

There is only ever just enough for now.

There is never just enough for the future.

There is never enough to plan the future.

There is always enough to experience the present.

Enough is a present delivered daily.

Having enough is just.

There just is enough when I know that there is.