Our Wrath is our ‘Word’ (our Wrote).

Our Word is the attention or focus that we apply to a thought.

Our Wrath is the emotion on which we transmit our thoughts, words and actions.

When our thoughts, words and deeds are the will of the ego self, we experience the ‘wrath of Man’.

The wrath of Man has become associated with anger, because anger is the emotion that we feel when our will is frustrated by our lack of power.

Wrath is deemed a sin when the will of our ego is disconnected from the choice of our Soul.

When our will is disconnected from our Soul, we hit resistance and we experience an emotional negativity that we call anger.

The ‘Wrath of God’ is not God’s anger but our Soul’s Word.

God’s Word is God’s Will that all Men have the choice to discern and follow their own wrath.

God is Divine and incapable of anger.

Man’s Wrath or Word defines his exclusive meaning for Life.