Winning is realising our Ability and Esteem.

We have high esteem when we realise our own ability.

When we know and recognise our own ability, we have high esteem.

Without self-esteem, we have lost either our confident authority or our valuable power and worth.

Whatever we have lost, we need to win back.

Winning becomes a duality when we believe that we will lose self-esteem by not winning.

Losers need the emotional power that they gain by winning the esteem of other people.

We are losers of our power when we need to be praised, applauded, recognised, rewarded or esteemed by others for winning.

‘Winning & losing’ has become confused with ‘losing & gaining’ our emotional power by getting our needs met.

When we win our own True Self-esteem, we know that we can never become a loser in Life.

When we lose our connection to our Soul, we can never win.

Our Soul is truly a Winner and is never lost.