Will Power

Will power is the power of the ego self to take action.

Will power is the power of ‘I will’ rather than the Power of “I Am”.

Our True Power comes from the “I Am”.

The “I Am” is who I am Being.

Who I am Being determines the magnitude of my Power.

The Soul is really only interested in who we are Being.

What we are doing (the action we are taking) is only the vehicle through which we experience ‘who we are’.

When what we are doing fails to offer an opportunity for the Soul’s spiritual growth, the Soul will not be inspired and therefore not inspire and empower our Self. The ego self will then need will power to achieve its goals.

Will power is without inspiration and empowerment and therefore the power of the will is dependent on the ego self getting its emotional need for power met in its own selfish way.

Our emotional needs are the result of the ego’s need for power to carry out the ego’s will.

Fear and limiting beliefs create our emotional needs and the need for will power.