Will Power

The ‘will’ is our sub-conscious sense of self, often referred to as the ‘id’, as opposed to our conscious sense of self – the ego.

The power of the will comes from getting our emotional needs met. The authority of the will is our belief system.

Our will is what we inherit from our ancestors and what we leave to our heirs.

A question that starts with “will” is a projection into the future.

“Will I” is an expectation of wanting that we are unsure of receiving.

“Will you” and “You will” is a command or directive that follows a judgement.

“I should” is a programmed belief.

“Should I” is seeking approval or endorsement of a programme.

“I would” and “Would I” is dependent on another’s approval of a future event.

“I will because I have to” is a conviction.

“I will because I must” is a belief

“I will because I should” is an opinion.

“I will because I ought to” is a thought.

When our thoughts are ‘thou-oughts’ our will is in power.

We are motivated by will-power, we are empowered by our heart.