Why Adjectives Are Important!

Adjectives are important because they are describing words.

Words that describe my emotional state of being are important because they allow me to access my power of personal attraction.

When I can describe a definite state of being, I can choose it & be empowered by it.

When I can choose my emotional state of being adjectively, I can attribute it to my Self.

When I can adjectively attribute a state of being to my Self, I attain its emotional power.

Adjectives are important because they are the key to attaining personal emotional power.

With enough emotional power, I am being inspired to do what I love to do and I have what is most beneficial for me.

Adjectives are important because they define my state of Being.

Verbs define my actions of Doing & nouns define what I Have.

It is important to put adjectives before verbs & nouns.

Being-Doing-Having is the Spiritual Way that allows life to attractively flow.

When I follow a strategy of have-do-be, I get lost in physical reality.

Only when I have enough money, can I do what I want to do and be happy.

In spiritual reality, my state of Being is empowered when I am Doing what I truly love to do & I am Having an ideal experience of my ideal life.