Who The Questioner Is!

I am the one who asks the questions.

I am the questioner, my Self.

The question is: Which Self is the Questioner?

My conscious Self hears a question in my mind.

When my conscious mind hears a question, who is asking the question?

My conscious sense of Self, my ego, is on a quest to find the answers through life; but who is asking the questions?

I am not conscious of where the questions come from, they just appear in my conscious mind.

My questions come from an unconscious source.

They originate in my sub-conscious mind.

The Questioner is my sub-conscious id.

At birth, my sub-conscious mind is born, with no answers and lots of questions.

As my sub-conscious mind is responsible for managing my physical body & my emotional needs, it needs lots of answers, so it has many questions to ask.

My programmed memory of stored beliefs holds the answers to the questions that have already been answered.

My sub-conscious mind needs daily answers to enable my choices to motivate or empower my authority.

The quality of my answers is determined by whether they are empowered or whether I need motivation.

Other people’s answers may motivate me but they are not always wise & empowered.

The best answers come from my super-conscious source of empowered authority that is my omniscient & wise Self, my Soul.

My Soul always answers my questions, even before I ask.

The question is: To whom am I listening!

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