Who The Inner Coach Is!

The Inner Coach is my inner guide & supporter.

It is also your inner guide & support.

Inner guidance & support is available to everyone who chooses to connect to their own Inner Coach.

My Inner Coach is my connection that connects my Self to my Soul.

I connect intuitively to the inner tutor that is my Inner Coach.

The Inner Coach is the spiritual Source of personal power & authority.

My emotional power is enabled by my alignment with the authority of my Soul’s higher Mind.

It is my emotional power that supports me and it is my mental authority that guides me.

The Inner Coach is the Source of the power & authority that enables a guided & supported life path.

I connect with my Inner Coach through the empowered inspiration, gained through meditation.

Inspired thoughts are empowered by the inner coaching of my Soul.

With empowered inspiration, everything is an opportunity in life that flows effortlessly without restriction.

The Inner Coach is the Love & Light of my Life.

My life is enabled by the emotional Love & the mental Light of my Soul’s inner coaching.

I align with the life path of my Soul when my intuitive knowing & my intuitive feeling allow me to intuitively see a clear vision for my life.

My intuitive Inner Coach guides & supports my Self to see where I am now, where I have chosen to be and how I am going to get there.

My Inner Coach is the Architect that designed the blueprint for what I have chosen as my vision, mission & purpose for this lifetime.

And that, I believe, is who your Inner Coach Is!

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