What The Purpose Of Life Is!

The Purpose of Life is to experience choice.

The purpose of Human Life is to experience a choice of choices.

Human Beings can experience the choice that they have chosen on purpose, as their life purpose, or they can choose to have no purpose in life and search for their purpose, or choose not to.

The purpose of life is to allow choice to become a reality by realising it as a reality of choice.

My life is the experience of the reality of my choice.

Realising my choice is my real life experience.

The purpose of life is for whatever reason I give it meaning.

We are all here in life on purpose.

Life is not an accident.

Even when I believe that life is an accident with no apparent purpose, I still get to experience my choice of an accidental life with no purpose.

The purpose of life is to realise & to experience exactly whatever I choose to believe to be true.

I can search for the truth or I can live out my fantasy.

I can live a fantastic life, I can live a lie or I can make any reality my truth.

The experience of my choice is my purpose in life.

As choice is personal to each & every individual human being, the purpose of life is individually unique & exclusive to everyone.

Even when I choose a collective, common & inclusive life, this is still my unique, individual & exclusive choice.

The purpose of my life is my choice, as is the purpose of your life your choice.

Even when the highest choice for one’s Self is to withhold one’s purpose for life, on purpose.

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