What The Answer Is!

The Answer is a reply to a leading question.

A question is the key to unlocking the next step on the spiritual journey that I am leading.

The answer opens any door that is blocking my next choice of direction.

When I have no questions, life is proceeding at choice, nothing is blocking my way and no answers are required.

When life is happening to me, I am guided by other people’s answers and I pray that their answers will work for me.

When life happens by me, I need answers to solve my problems.

I pray for whatever I believe that I need and I worship whoever delivers it.

When life is happening through me, my answers are inspired revelations of intuitive super-conscious thought.

Every prayer is an inspired question that is answered in meditation by my Intuitive Self.

When life happens as me, there are no questions as I already have all the answers that I will ever need.

The answer is always the opening through which I take my next step on my journey through life.

Opening answers require open questions that start with why, when, where, who, what, which & how.

The answer to Y is X, so never ask why as life just is whatever you choose it to be.

The answer to when is now, the answer to where is here, the answer to who is my Self, the answer to what is whatever is inspired, the answer to which is the one which feels best & the answer to how is effortlessly.

These are the 7 keys to an effortlessly inspired life for my Self that I best follow in the here & now because it feels both good & right for me.

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