What Team Spirit Is!

Team Spirit is the combined energy of a team of people.

A team is a group of individual people who co-ordinate their actions in a balanced & harmonious way.

Individual actions co-ordinate in balance when team spirit is in harmony.

Team spirit is the quality of the harmony of team energy.

Mental harmony is attained when the team has a common vision.

Emotional harmony is attained when the team energy flows in a concurrent direction with purpose.

Physical harmony is attained when the skills & accomplishments of the team members compliment each other in pursuit of a common mission or objective.

Team spirit is the physical, mental & emotional energy that flows unrestricted through a team.

The spiritual energy that flows through a team is the product of each individual team member’s energy vibration.

When each Individual has faith in their own contribution to the team, their spirit flows within the team in a beneficial way.

When an Individual is limited by their own fears or beliefs, their energy flows through the team in a detrimental way.

Team spirit is the product of the self-esteem of each individual team member.

Self-esteem is the product of the mental confidence & emotional worth that each Individual has for their Self.

Team spirit is the quality of the combined confidence, worth & esteem that each individual team member emotes or expresses.

Where the team is an Orchestra, the leader is the Conductor and the music is the emotional expression of the quality of the team’s spiritual vibration.