What Pain Is!

Pain is the emotional effect of a mental cause.

Mental beliefs are the negative cause of emotional pain in physicality.

All physical reality is an emotional experience of a mental focus.

My mental focus projects my mental beliefs into physical reality.

Physical experience is an energy vibration with a mental frequency & an emotional wavelength.

My mental frequency of thinking is divided by the polarity of my choice of perspective.

Choice allows a polarity of mental thinking that is either positive or negative.

Negative polarities of mental thinking are transmitted on a negative wavelength of emotional feeling, because they are blocking or restricting pure emotional flow.

Emotional feeling is always perceived relative to a mental perspective of choice.

Pain is the negative emotional feeling of negative mental thinking.

In this way, pain is the Soul’s indirect way of telling its Self that it is going in the opposite direction to flow.

The Soul’s direction is for life to flow as a pure mental thought transmitted on a pure wavelength of emotion.

A pure wavelength of emotion is pain free.

As I purify my beliefs, I purify my thinking and my life becomes pain less.

Less emotional pain is the direct effect of relatively less mental dread, fear, anxiety & concern.

Overcoming personal fears is the pathway to a pain free life.