What My Mental Capacity Is!

My Mental Capacity is the authority of my thought.

My thought is authorised by its Author.

When my ego self is the author of my thinking, my mental capacity is limited to my personal knowledge & experience of life.

When my Soul is the Author of my Thoughts, I have unlimited access to my inspired, intuitive, creative imagination.

The mental capacity of my inspired, intuitive, imaginative creativity is infinitely capable.

As my thoughts are creating my reality, my mental capacity is a measure of my ability to create my reality consciously.

My mental capacity is positively creative when intuitively aligned with the imagination of my Soul.

Conversely, my mental capacity is negatively destructive when aligned with the fears & limiting beliefs of my ego’s id.

My mental capacity is a measure of my connection to the creative capability of my Mind.

The capacity of my mind can be sub-consciously limited or super-consciously expansive.

My mental capacity is limited by the negative beliefs & fears that are stored as programmes in my sub-conscious id.

My mental capacity is expansively exercised through the intuitive imagination of my super-conscious Soul.

My mental capacity is a measure of my ability to connect to my higher mind & my intuitive thoughts.

When I am in two minds my mental capacity is in a dilemma.

The mental capacity of my lower mind is measured by my ability to recall stored intelligence and use it intelligently for intellectual reasoning.

The intellectual reasoning of my lower mind is limited only by the beliefs that I believe to be true.

Whereas my lower mind has the gift of reasoning, my higher mind has the presence of being all knowing.

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