What Music Is!

Music is a series of physical sounds that convey emotional feelings.

A sound is a vibration of matter that I hear with my physical sense of hearing.

An emotion is an energy vibration that I experience with my intuitive sense of feeling.

A physical sound without any emotional feeling is just a noise.

A noise that affects me emotionally is not necessarily musical.

Music is a sound that is in harmony with my own emotional feelings.

Without the emotional feelings of the musician, I cannot be in emotional harmony with the music.

Unless I connect emotionally to music, it is just a composition of different sounds.

Music is the composition of varying sound frequencies from a musical instrument that are conveyed on the emotional wavelength of the musician.

What makes a musician musical is the tone, pitch or melody of the emotion with which their instrument is played with bass, treble or balance.

Vocal chords are the musical instrument of a singer.

Emotional feeling determines the musicality of the musician.

The musicality of the emotional feeling is relative to the empowered thoughts of the musician being received by the audience.

The audience are those who receive the music both audibly & emotionally.

Music is a language of the Soul.

It is neither the notes of a musical instrument nor the lyrics of a song that convey the language of the music.

The language of music is the different wavelengths of emotion that are transmitted through the musicality of sound.

Music is a composition of emotional thoughts conveyed through the medium of physical sound by a musician.

Without a musician, there is no music.

Without an audience, there is no appreciation of the music.

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