What Misery Is!

Misery is both mental & emotional.

Mental misery is a scarcity mentality.

A scarcity mentality believes that everything is limited & scarce.

A Miser is one who hordes & saves, as they are afraid to spend.

Mental misery causes emotional misery.

Emotional misery is the effect of limited emotional power.

When emotionally connected to my power, I am empowered & happy.

When disconnected emotionally, I am relatively miserable.

It is the ability of a Miser to be miserable.

Scarcity mentality denies the abundance of happiness that I am authorised to enjoy.

Abundance mentality endorses the happiness of a fulfilled & empowered life.

Being content is the abundance of always having enough.

I am never content with the scarcity of too little or the extravagance of too much.

Both scarcity & gluttony lead to the experience of misery.

There is no pleasure in having more than enough or less than enough.

Misery is the painful experience of suffering low emotional energy that is caused by the fearful beliefs that limitations exist.

Misery is the fearful conviction of a limited mentality, in which scarcity is the cause of personal pain & suffering.

A miserable physical existence is the effect of emotional misery that is caused by the mental misery of a Miser.