What Intelligence Is!

Intelligence is knowledge, information or data.

The ability to access our store of knowledge, information or data is believed to be intelligent.

This is really our ability to randomly access memory.

However, the ability to access memory without the intellect to use it well is not seen as being intelligent.

We appear to live in an educated world where intelligence without intellect is not very intelligent.

Intelligence is useless without the ability to use it wisely.

Intelligence is widely taught and measured in schools, without wisdom.

Intelligence without wisdom is a flawed intellect.

Intelligence with wisdom has three levels of attainment.

Contrary to popular belief, intelligence is not mental, it is physical, emotional or spiritual.

Physical Intelligence is conscious knowledge of the physical world.

We all gain physical intelligence of the world through our five physical senses.

Emotional Intelligence is informed awareness of the energetic world.

We all gain emotional intelligence through the experience of our emotional feelings.

Spiritual Intelligence is conscious-awareness of the absolute reality of everything.

We all intuitively see our connection to our spiritual Source with our intuitive feelings & our intuitive sense of knowing.

Being Intelligent requires the effortless ability to randomly access our store of physical knowledge, emotional information & spiritual data instantly.