What Freedom Is!

Freedom is the ability to be at choice.

With the ability to be at choice, I have the freedom to create my own reality.

Freedom of choice allows a choice of reality.

It is the belief that there is only one reality that restricts freedom & choice.

The most common choice is not freedom but security.

Being secure & being free are a duality of choice.

I am free to choose security or I am free to choose freedom, but when I choose security, I lose my freedom.

In a relative dual reality world, I cannot be secure and be free.

I secure my freedom when I overcome the need to be safe & secure.

Safety & security is the comfort zone that inhibits my expansive growth.

Freedom is the ability of expansive growth without a contract that needs security.

In a world of absolute choice, my freedom is absolutely secure.

The ability to be at choice in a physical world, requires both mental authority & emotional power.

When I choose with divine authority, I access my divine power that enables my divine choice and I enjoy the freedom of my own divinity.

The only person that can restrict my freedom is my Self.

When I devolve my authority to others, I lose my power and the freedom of personal choice.

When life happens to me, I believe that others deprive me of my freedom.

When life happens by me, I fight for the freedom that I believe is denied me.

When life happens through me, I remove the standards that form the boundaries that limit the extent of my freedom.

When life happens as me, the ability to be at absolute choice is my freedom.

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